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Manufacturer and Installer of Zoo Flooring, Zoo Surfacing, and Recycled Rubber

Zoo Flooring, Zoo Surfacing, and Recycled Rubber When safety for your animals is the foremost consideration, Abacus has the best and latest Zoo surfacing solutions offered for all types of facilities. We provide and install several kinds of flooring from recycled rubber pavers to our seamless textured Zoo flooring. We travel to any location worldwide.

For the ultimate in Zoo flooring, Abacus offers a seamless textured Zoo floor. This product is unsurpassed for ease of cleaning and keeping bacteria to a minimum. No more holes to be constantly filled and no more uneven floors to be concerned with. This Zoo flooring is completely customized for each application. It is soft to provide safety, resilient, and shock absorbing. The excellent slip resistance and resilience promotes injury reduction. It can be customized for the space and type of animal that needs the floor.

The seamless textured floor has a base mat thickness varying from 6mm to 38 mm. The thicker the base mat the more shock absorption provided to the animal. Leg problems are virtually eliminated as a consequence of hard or uneven floors

Not only is this system installed as flooring, it is also installed on walls and columns, medical facilities and recovery areas, where protection is important. 99% Bacteria Free, it is the ultimate protection for your animals. Abacus' Zoo Flooring can be installed virtually anywhere in your facility. Please call us for help designing or improving your areas for a completely customized project.

The Zoo Padenpor system is available in 21 different colors.

Zoo Flooring, Zoo Surfacing

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