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Sports Surfacing Projects

PADENPOR - Multipurpose Floors

Manufacturer and Installer of Gym Flooring, Sports Flooring and Rubber Flooring

Gym Floors The Multipurpose system of which we specialize is Padenpor. Padenpor is comprised of a recycled rubber base mat with polyurethane top coatings. These coatings render a perfectly seamless system. This product has been developed over the last thirty years and has proven itself around the world.

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We have installed multipurpose flooring (gym flooring) in many different facilities across North America, indoors and out. We have also developed an expertise in the application of the lines and detailed logos.

Padenpor delivers exceptional durability and superior wear resistance for indoor applications. Unlike fully poured-in-place or single ply surfaces, this system guarantees uniformity in thickness and density giving the athlete a dimensionally stable platform for safe and consistent performance. The basemat durometer can be custom engineered during manufacturing to meet specified performance attributed to the site requirements. Its resurfacable wear surface provides optimum frictional properties required for typical indoor gym sports and field house activities.

Gym Floors Specs

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Padenpor Gym Flooring Systems

All PADENPOR gym flooring systems are basically built the same, with subtle differences/additions to enhance the performance of different systems. Thereafter with different finishes, hardness's and thickness', we will customize your new surface to deliver ultimate playing characteristics, whatever system you chose. All systems are resilient, seamless, durable and easy to maintain.

Standard PADENPOR Surfaces
4mm + 2mm (1/4")
An economical dual durometer multi-purpose sports floor, designed for use in schools, Churches and community centers.
7mm + 2mm (3/8")
Dual durometer sports floor, offering added force reduction/resilience for use in schools, Churches, community/rec. centers and clubs.
9mm + 2mm (1/2")
Dual durometer sports floor, designed for higher level performance usage, in schools, colleges, Churches, community/rec. centers, clubs.

14mm + 3mm (5/8") DIN Floor
The ultimate dual durometer multipurpose floor, offering over 50% force reduction and area elasticity. This floor is used in schools, colleges, Churches, community/rec. centers, clubs and aerobic applications.

Specialty PADENPOR Surfaces
Uses a urethane with extreme elongation and tensile properties, offering enhanced performance values.

Engineered system with additional urethane layers to sustain in-line skating. This floor offers a hard (yet resilient) surface that delivers high speed to skaters. Seamless in design, puck control and comfort to skaters is unparalleled.
A "floating" system that can be applied over substrates with environmental issues (asbestos/mercury), or over "green" substrates.

A textured system designed for application where enhanced traction is required, such as running tracks and areas with high levels of moisture/humidity.
A spike proof system designed for use around competition running tracks (indoor and outdoor) to prevent damage from athletes running spikes.

Designed for animal applications, this system uses harder urethane coatings that will sustain hoof traffic (horses). Typically used for breeding sheds and in veterinary clinics, this system resists bacteria and fungal growth.

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