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The Economical Rubber Sheet Floor That Stands Up to the Toughest Abuse.

Durathon by Robbins—The Right Ingredients For Unbeatable Performance.

  • Unmatched resilience and tear resistance plus superior strength and longevity—the industry’s highest physical properties in a sheet rubber product.
  • Designed to perform under extreme weather changes, heaviest traffic and toughest abuse—it maintains its performance and appearance year after year.
  • Formulations and thicknesses that meet a wide range of needs and all levels of indoor and outdoor play.

We roll out Robbins quality with each Durathon floor:

  • Blend of natural and synthetic rubbers for unmatched balance of resilience and strength.

An Affordably-Priced Sheet Rubber Competition Surface for Spike Track Use

  • A rubber sheet product, is the best choice for customers who are looking for an affordably-priced sheet rubber competition surface for spike track use.
  • Excellent resilience, energy restitution, shock absortion, and comfort, in a durable sheet rubber product that is available in a wide range of colors

Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor track and Multipurpose use.

  • Provides excellent force reduction to protect athletes from long-term micro-injuries; while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic performance.  Its durable vulcanized surface provides excellent performance characteristics for spike and non-spike use. 

Durability And Performance
That Wears Like Iron.

  • Durathon is a carefully monitored blend of natural rubber for resilience and tear resistance, and synthetic rubber for strength and longevity.
  • Built to maintain its beauty and performance season after season

Extra Resilience Means
A Big Plus For Safety and Comfort.

  • All the outstanding physical properties of
    Robbins Durathon.
  • Plus a special resilient underlayment that lets you customize the shock absorption and deflection for additional safety and comfort

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Durathon Options

  Outdoor: Enhances Durathon for longer life in harsh weather conditions. Excellent for outdoor tracks, warming tracks and slip-resistant ramps.

SPR: Blends anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents into the Durathon material making it an ideal choice for locker rooms and swimming pools.

Animal Compound: Combines Robbins’ best SPR properties with a stronger, more tear resistant formula. Perfect for veterinary hospitals, kennels, equine and large animal hospitals, holding stables and zoos.
  Surface Options

Track: a "pebbled" pattern boosts traction for jogging, running and sprinting.

Field House: a lighter texture for indoor usage.

  Color Options

Choose from eight rich, permanent colors:Grey, Green, Red, Blue, Sand, Black, Tan, Golden.

Grey Green Red Blue Sand Black
Tan Golden        

Durathon Elite Infield Color Options

Blue Dark Blue Green Dark Green Grey Dark Grey
Red Yellow        

Durathon Elite Track Color Options

Blue Dark Blue Green Dark Green Grey Dark Grey
Red Yellow        
Actual colors may vary from printed samples above. Contact us for color samples.
  Thickness Options

Durathon is available in thicknesses ranging from 3/16" to 1/2"

  Pad Options

Durathon's resilient underlayment is available in thicknesses ranging from 3/16" to 1".


Durathon Classic
  Durathon Plus
Durathon Elite Track
  Durathon Elite Infield

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