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NBA Arena Owners Can Choose Any Floor in the World. They Choose Robbins Portable Basketball Floors More Than Any Other.

All Robbins Portable Basketball Floors Have Quality Construction Features in Common:

  • All Robbins Portable Basketball floors utilize Robbins patented “XLplus” maple strip technology. This proprietary design creates a smooth, monolithic appearance and eliminates the need for expansion cracks in the floor.
  • Every All-Star model features Robbins’ exclusive fastening system for quick set up and dismantling. Now your arena can accommodate professional or collegiate basketball events scheduled between hockey and rock concerts.
  • With special emphasis on color match, precision and longevity, every Robbins All-Star floor is custom made and hand-painted with team logo and colors.
  • All Robbins All-Star floors are made using genuine Northern Hard Maple—the preferred sport surface for basketball.
  • All floors utilize a combination of rugged panels designed to simplify the set up and make disassembly fast and efficient.
  • All-Star Portable Basketball floors can be special-ordered with another Robbins exclusive feature— Zip Configuration. This portable design enables the arena crew to install the floor beginning in the center and work toward either side. This unique design can significantly reduce change-over time.
  • Every Robbins All-Star floor is manufactured in the U.S. and utilizes a sophisticated, computer-assisted cutting process to ensure a tight fit and consistent quality that no other manufacturer can duplicate.

“Home Court” for Basketball’s Elite Players

Found in more NBA Arenas than any other floor, the All-Star Plus incorporates thousands of resilient Robbins’ Bio-Cushion® pads built into every floor. These EPDM rubber shock absorbers cushion the impact force of the athlete striking the surface. In addition, the pads are completely protected in a rugged Bio-Guard™ composite shell to prevent damage or dislocation during set up or dismantle.

Every All-Star Plus panel is wrapped in Robbins’ exclusive, steel-encased tongue-and-groove edge for tight fit and consistency.

The Original NBA Portable Floor.

The Original NBA Portable Floor. Recommended for heavy-duty arena usage not requiring the shock-absorbing qualities of the All-Star Plus. Every All-Star Portable also features Robbins exclusive, steel-encased tongue-and-groove edge for tight fit and consistency. The Robbins All-Star can be upgraded to All-Star-Plus specifications. Contact us for more information.

The Industry Standard Portable Floor.

The Collegiate utilizes many of the best features of the original All-Star. The professional-level portable floor engineered to handle the punishing demands of the multipurpose arena and provide an outstanding value as well. The perfect floor for collegiate arenas desiring to leave the basketball floor in place all season, and stored in the off-season. The All-Star Collegiate is an excellent choice for NBA and Civic arenas needing a professional-quality basketball floor for state championship, conference tournaments, or basketball events.

Public bidding and procurement requires fair comparisons in features and construction. The All Star Collegiate should be specified as “Base Bid” with a Robbins All-Star Plus as the best choice alternate.

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  Portable Floor Accessories
  • Robbins optional storage carts for use by the facility when transporting or storing the floor in the off-season or between events.
  • ADA-compliant ramps.
  • Floor panel extension ramps for portable basketball goals.
  • All-Star installation tools, mallets, wrenches and hardware.
  • Insulated ice rink covers.
  Portable Floor Options

MFMA Compliant Maple Available in three grades: Elite (First Grade), Traditional (Second & Better), and Natural (Third Grade).

XLplus Maple is standard in all grades and eliminates the use of expansion cracks in the floor.

Optional Face Width: 2-1/4" or 1-1/2"

Special order:
Robbins Boston Square™ pattern.
Custom dimensioned floors are also available.

Floor Dimension: Standard Floor Dimensions

112' X 60' (34.14m X 18.29m)
120' X 60' (36.59m X 18.29m)
112' X 64' (34.14m X 19.51m) international competition

Professional Services:
Robbins offers complete refurbishment services for any of its portable models. New locking hardware, repair to damaged floor boards, sanding, new graphics and gamelines are all part of the refurbishment option package available from Robbins. This refurbishment service will make your floor look and perform like new again. Portable basketball floors require special care. Rely on the experts at Robbins to perform necessary repairs or re-finishing. If your floor requires additional graphics, interchangeable graphic panels or modifications, contact us.

Please contact us for additional information and specifications on Robbins All-Star and All-Star Plus Portable Floors. Public bidding and procurement requires fair comparisons of features and construction. The All Star “Collegiate” should be specified as the “Base Bid” specification with a Robbins All Star Plus as alternate price.

All Star
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  All Star Plus
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  All Star Collegiate

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