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Some Situations Call for Economy and Solid Performance. Some Situations Call for Robbins SportWood.

Sportwood by Robbins.

  • Sportwood is a highly durable, stable surface made from edge-grained cut Northern Hard Maple. It’s well suited for a variety of activities, from competitive team sports to dance and yoga to stage productions—anywhere performance must be delivered with an eye toward economy.
  • Since 1982, and with millions of square feet installed, Sportwood is a favorite of churches, YMCAs, schools and recreation centers across the country.
  • The unique square-edge design of Sportwood provides the same life expectancy of standard tongue and groove maple strip, and with proper maintenance, can last the life of the facility.
  • Robbins Sportwood systems can be used in combination with Robbins Pulastic for facilities requiring the performance and practicality of maple and synthetic surfaces used together—a true multipurpose and multifunction solution.

Comfort, Safety and Performance in a Versatile System.

  • Engineered continuous subfloor for dimensional stability.
  • Subfloor supported by resilient EPDM Bio-Pads™, for long-term shock absorption and vibration control through changing environmental conditions.
  • EPDM Bio-Pads are available in several configurations and designs to “tune” the floor system to your desired level of shock absorption.
  • Sportwood surface is assembled with genuine,
    edge-grain cut, Northern Hard Maple—the preferred surface for basketball, volleyball and other indoor sport activities.
  • Sportwood Ultra Star is DIN-certified and exceeds all six DIN 18032-2 criteria for ball bounce, shock absorption, deflection, area of deflection, rolling load and surface friction.
  • Subfloor supported and cushioned by Robbins’ Zero/G™ Shockpad, providing consistent support, shock absorption and uniform ball bounce.

Uniformity in an
Economical Sports Floor.

  • Sportwood can be directly applied over concrete or old poured-in-place urethane floors for a low cost, low profile upgrade to the floor. (See your local Robbins Authorized Dealer for restrictions on usage and need for removal or encapsulation of older urethane floors.)

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Surface Options


Sportwood is available in two thickness options: 5/16" and 7/16".

All Sportwood systems feature the distinct 9" length maple picket, factory-assembled into panels for fast and easy installation.

Sportwood is available in the traditional One-Directional or distinctive Boston Square™ parquet patterns. Sportwood is graded in accordance with MFMA standards and is available in 2nd and Better and Mill-Run options.

Fusion: The multi-function solution for your multi-purpose facility.

If yours is one of the growing number of venues hosting a multiple — and ever-expanding — variety of sports and events, Fusion may be your solution. Combining areas of both maple and synthetic surfaces, Fusion can give your facility the flexibility to handle practically any game your athletes want to bring.


  Subfloor Options
  Sportwood Ultra Star features two layers of 15/32" CD-Exterior Grade (4-ply minimum) plywood stapled and adhered with construction adhesive for longevity and flexibility. (Contractor Option: Premium grade OSB, Exposure I, can be substituted for plywood. 7/16" minimum thickness is required.)
  Pad Options

Standard on Sportwood Ultra Star:
EPDM Bio-Pad in 7/16" (11mm) or 3/4" (18mm) thickness:

(60 durometer): Gymnasiums and Multipurpose facilities.

Green (50 durometer): Dance Exercise, Ballet and Martial Arts Studios.Standard on Sportwood Ultra Star.

Zero/G Shockpad Robbins’ low-profile pad offering superior vibration dampening and optimal shock absorption. Continuous support provides uniform ball bounce over the entire surface of the floor.

3/8" (10mm)
Bio-Sport Pad
7/16" (11mm)
Bio-Sport2 Pad Cost-saving options for entry-level flooring systems. Good quality shock absorption, resiliency
and vibration dampening.


3/8" (10mm) PVC Permacushion Pad
Suitable for entry-level multipurpose sport floors desiring reasonable levels of shock absorption.

Ultra Star

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