Dog Daycare Flooring

A variety of dog daycare flooring options are available for small animal kennels and veterinary facilities. Abacus provides both indoor and outdoor surfaces to help your furry friends feel comfortable and at home.

Dog Daycare Flooring Options

For Your Furry Friends

Abacus’ pet daycare flooring options include both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our Padenpor line is great for dog daycares due to it’s seamless and sealed nature. Unlike carpet or hardwood, the polyurethane topcoat prevents any mess from being absorbed into the floor. The lack of seams in the floor itself makes cleaning a breeze, with no small crevices to remove hair or other objects from. 

Our pet turf options can be used outdoors or in, and are specifically designed to be easy to clean and durable. Our turf mimics the look of a natural lawn so that your daycare can look beautiful, inside and out. 

Padenpor™ XTR

A hygenic, smooth surface. Its anti-microbial properties help it to remain clean and safe, and it’s durability helps it stand up to daily wear and tear.

Regupol® Aktiv™

Rolled rubber makes for a great floor for small animals. It’s tough and resistant to scratches and marks, and gives a cushioned, comfortable feel.

GrassTex Pet Turf


This turf covers a wide array of applications, and is one of the best options for an outdoor pet area. It’s easier to clean and durable.


The added body of this turf reduces the amount of infill needed. Its four color blend makes it look just like a natural lawn or backyard.

Coastal Cut™

Virtually maintenance free, this turf reacts naturally and mimics the feel of grass. It’s durability allows it to keep its natural feel throughout its use.

Dog Daycare Flooring Gallery

Color Options

Padenpor™ Colors
Aktiv™ Core Series
Aktiv™ Tone Series
Aktiv™ Strength Series
Aktiv™ Intense Series

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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