Horse Stall Flooring Systems

Resilient horse stall flooring is a necessity for today’s trainers and breeders. Seamless, cushioned pad and pour floors improve safety and comfort for horses and can be used for many applications. 

Horse Stall Flooring Options

We Support Champions


Abacus has been supporting champions, from the breeding barn to the winner’s circle, since 1991.  Our Padenpor Equine and DLX flooring solutions provide comfort and cleanliness for horses of all kinds.

For over 25 years they have been widely used in a variety of animal care/equine applications from the best state of the art veterinary facilities to the small individual animal care giver. Padenpor is seamless, which makes it extremely easy to clean. It’s also cushioned for maximum comfort underfoot. 

We’ve installed floors at some of the most prestigious breeding and veterinary facilities in the United States. From universities where veterinarians learn how to care for horses, to training facilities where foals become winners, Abacus has your floor covered.

Padenpor™ Equine

Specifically engineered for horse barns, wash bays, and breeding facilities. Cushioned but firm for maximum comfort.

Padenpor™ DLX

Seamless and textured for maximum comfort and tread. Perfect for wash bays and veterinary facilities due to its non-slip properties.

Regupol® Interlocking Pavers

Easy to interconnect and long-lasting outdoors. Rubber pavers are movable, resilient, and durable in areas with heavy movement traffic.

Horse Stall Flooring Gallery

Color Options

Padenpor™ Colors
Interlocking Paver Colors

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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