Dog Daycare Flooring

Dog Daycare Flooring

Why Synthetic Flooring is the best for Dog Daycare Floors

Choosing the right Dog Daycare Flooring is a decision many new and existing facility owners need to make.  The dog daycare industry has exploded in recent years with many new facilities popping up across cities and towns in the USA.  These facilities set themselves apart by their knowledgeable staff and up to date facility.  The floors play an important roll for facilities.  They should be comfortable to walk on and appealing,  but also tough, durable, and easy to clean.  Synthetic Flooring offers all of those qualities.


Comfortable flooring will help the canines and caretakers that play and work in the facility by reducing joint stress.  Since the floor was originally designed as a sport surface Synthetic Flooring options offer shock absorbency and slip resistance.   The shock absorbency of the floor reduces the impact the body must absorb when standing or doing activities on any surface.  Concrete, a common flooring option for dog facilities due to its low cost, offers no slip resistance or shock absorption.  This will create an uncomfortable surface for both your dogs and your employees.

Ease of Cleaning

Hygiene routines are very important for dog daycare facility owners.   The type of floor a dog daycare facility has will determine how often cleaning should take place and how difficult that cleaning will be.  Synthetic floors like Padenpor Dog Daycare Flooring offer a seamless surface that does not harbor bacteria.  The seamless system prevents dirt and grime from being trapped in seams or pores and creating stagnant odors.  The anti-microbial and anti-viral floor can be kept clean with a simple cleaning routine using most neutral PH detergents then allowed to dry. This reduces the time needed to clean the floors.

How Does It Look?

How your floor looks will effect the perception that clients have of your daycare service.  The color or design should match that of the facility.  The floor should be kept clean of debris, toys, tears, and rips.  Luckily Padenpor Dog Daycare Flooring offers many color options for the floor and line paint.  The floor will hold up against wear and tear from the dogs and caretakers.  Padenpor’s advance polyurethane layers are tough and durable while still allowing for comfort and resilience.


Many facility owners have told us here at Abacus that a dog is most comfortable when it can get traction on the surface it is standing.  Hard and non-resilient epoxy floors usually do not offer a comfortable surface with traction that Abacus Padenpor Dog Daycare synthetic flooring does.  The Padenpor system can also be given more traction by adding an aggregate to the wear surface. This will create a higher friction coefficient, or how much grip you receive from the floor. This aggregate can be tailored to the facility owners preference, having a range from soft and small aggregates to large and hard aggregates.


The flooring option you decide to go with will carry with it a “lifetime cost” that includes the maintenance costs, resurface costs, and down time for your facility.  Keeping your building in good aesthetic shape is important in promoting the image for your business of a clean and safe environment for clients and their pets.  When comparing prices of concrete, epoxy, synthetic, or another type of flooring system, keep in mind of the lifetime cost. Padenpor Dog Daycare flooring can be resurfaced for a fraction of the cost of installing a new flooring option.  Concrete will need to be repainted frequently.  Epoxy systems will fail earlier than a synthetic urethane option and need to be completely resurfaced more often.

In Conclusion

It is important to keep these 5 factors in mind when deciding on which flooring option to put into your facility.  Abacus Sports Installations has a passion for all animals.  We are continually innovating our urethane applications and install processes to ultimately give our customers the highest quality floor.  For more information on our system visit our  Dog Daycare flooring page or contact us at 717-560-8050 or