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Jaindl Elementary School Gym

Jaindle Elementary, PA - Pulastic

Pulastic Diakon Lutheran Ministries

Diakon Lutheran Ministries - Pulastic

Robbins Maple Hardwood at Maravian Academy

Moravian Academy - Robbins Maple Hardwood

Pulastic Sports Flooring

Montgomery Avenue Elementary - Pulastic

Basketball Court

Custom Logos

Basketball court flooring

Eagle Academy - Padenpor

Wood Basketball Court Surfacing

Wood Basketball Courts

  • Safe guards the well-being of the athlete
  • Passes ALL global performance standards worldwide, including the stringent MFMA 3rd party certification, PUR, which is strongly governed by the MFMA
  • Continuous interwoven subfloor design is perfect for carrying heavy loads
  • System “bottoms” out on itself during heavy rolling or static loads
  • Elongated anchor slots allow lateral movement to reduce build up of stress, maintaining structural integrity
  • Anchored for dimensional stability and uniformity for long -term superior game play
  • Computer-assisted manufacturing technology for quality assurance
  • Choice of Traditional Random Length (RL) maple or Finger-Jointed Maple (FJ) maple for a stronger & straighter floor
Synthetic Basketball Court Surfacing

Synthetic Basketball Courts

  • Abacus offers Synthetic Basketball Court Surfacing that are approved by the F.I.V.B. (International Volleyball Federation), F.I.B.A (International Basketball Federation) and I.H.F. (International Handball Federation).
  • These courts have great performance characteristics for a whole range of ball sports.  With the proper resilience and slip properties our synthetic courts can be tailored to the facilities needs.
  • These synthetic court options offer facilities the capability to open up their courts to many different types of athletic and community events. Supporting rolling loads such as tables and chairs allows for a longer lifetime of the floor system.
  • Polyurethane Quality can be configured to best suit the athlete and facility. Depending on the polyurethane used, floors can be engineered to withstand roller hockey, shoes with spikes, bleachers, ect.
Millersville University Pulastic

Featured Project - Millersville University

Location: Millersville, PA

Product: Pulastic SP140

Area: 22,035 sq/ft

The Student Memorial Center Rec Center court hosts many of Millersville Universities student events.  The Pulastic SP140 will be able to withstand the heavy traffic from concerts, chairs and tables from job and internship fairs, and even a stage for semester concerts.  The Pulastic SP140 is a puncture resistant, highly shock absorbent, premium surface.  The system is approved for the International Volleyball Federation (F.I.V.B.), the International Basketball Federation (F.I.B.A.), and the International Handball Federation (I.H.F.).   Millersville University now has a professional grade floor system that will be around as new students continue to enroll and flourish on the beautiful and historic campus.


Custom Logos

Custom Logos are available to fit the asethetics of your facility or organization.  The possibilities are endless.  Contact us for more information or if you would like to talk to us about your project!

Church School Gym Flooring


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