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Burke Mountain Academy’s Ronnie Berlack Center Training Facility

Location: East Burke, VT

Project: 5,600 square feet of Regupol America AktivPRO roll 24mm

Abacus Sports Installations was given the opportunity to deliver an amazing training facility for the dedicated students and instructors at Burke Mountain Academy.  Burke Mountain Academy is a prestigious Ski Academy where its students travel from all over the world to advance their training with their academics.  Born in 1970 out of necessity for young athlete Martha Coughlin who wished to train all year round while also advancing her academics, the Academy still operates as an elite training facility for maturing competitive skiers.

Burke Mountain Academy unveiled their Ronnie Berlack Center in December of 2016. Abacus Sports Installations had the opportunity to install 5,600 square feet of Regupol America’s AktivPRO roll in their weight training area.  The AktivePRO Roll has a 24mm thickness that will help their athletes workout in a safe environment, reducing impact on their joints during compound lifts and protecting the floor.

Burke Mountain has also revealed that the new Ronnie Berlack Center will serve as a U.S. Ski Team High Performance Center.  The center will now not only help train Burke Mountain Athletes, but also provide world class training opportunities for the U.S. Ski Team.  This world class weight room will now train maturing and professional athletes alike.

Here at Abacus we know what it takes to become an elite athlete.  It involves a good dose of hard work, a lot of focus, and a support system to help each athlete achieve their best.  What we hope to provide here for the Ronnie Berlack Center and Burke Mountain Academy is a stable and safe foundation for their athletes to work hard, focus, and gain support as they achieve their goals.  For more information on how Abacus can help you achieve these goals as well, please contact us or call 717-560-8050.


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