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College of Saint Elizabeth

Location: Morristown, NJ

Project:  4,800sqft of Tarkett Sports Omnisports 9.4mm with Tarkolay slip sheet and Wall Padding.

The College of St. Elizabeth decided that their existing indoor swimming pool would better serve the student body and athletic programs as an auxiliary gymnasium. The building already had a full sized wood basketball court so this auxiliary court would serve as a space to practice basketball and conduct NCAA Div. III volleyball competitions. Being an indoor pool gymnasium, the space was subjected to high levels of humidity, both in the atmosphere and in the concrete.  This can be very problematic for athletic flooring. To mitigate this concern, Abacus installed the Omnisports system over top of Tarkolay which increased the moisture tolerance up to 100%!

The pool was filled in with compacted stone and then concrete to bring the floor up to the appropriate height. Abacus then got to work installing the Tarkolay first, which allowed for this system to handle a moisture tolerance of up to %100.  Once that was installed, a crew went ahead with the Omnisports 9.4mm. The school elected for a two-color finish as well as multiple logos and lettering. The last thing to be installed was the wall padding, which extended 360° around the room. The final product is a beautiful NCAA competition volleyball court that the school is very happy and proud of.

If you have a project idea, even if it seems almost impossible, please reach out to Abacus and let us help!  You can contact us by calling 717-940-8454 or by filling out our Contact Form here.

College of Saint Elizabeth Court

College of Saint Elizabeth Court

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