Commercial Flooring

Comfortable, cushioned commercial flooring that withstands heavy foot traffic and is water and slip-resistant.

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Playground Surfaces

Recreational turf and rubber playground tiles that help protect children from injuries and falls.

Strata Comm™ Commercial Flooring

Decorative, long-lasting flooring that gives freedom of design and comfort in high-traffic areas.

Regupol® Sonus

Sound control underlayments used to prevent the transfer of noise between floors.

About Our Commercial Flooring

Synthetic commercial flooring is already popular in hospitals, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities in Europe. The ability to create art as part of the floor is an enticing option for many. The unique ability to create patterns and paintings on the floor before it dries isn’t an option for most other commercial options. Abacus installed these floors in our office when we moved in 2016. Robbins’ Strata-Comm® Commercial Flooring series has seemingly-endless amounts of design options to make your office or hospital floor come to life.

Along with beauty and aesthetics, our commercial options are seamless, sealed, and easy to clean. They are cushioned and comfortable. You can feel the difference under your feet while working. For offices or facilities where employees are on their feet frequently, Strata-Comm® is among the best for reducing stress on joints and fatigue.

We also install rubber fall tiles for playgrounds. These tiles protect children from injuries from falls up to ten feet. Our Regupol® Sonus™ sound control underlayments reduce noise from foot traffic to people in floors below.

Abacus has been in the business for over 25 years, and we can do it all. Give us a call today about whatever commercial option you need.

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