Playground Surfaces

Playgrounds require safe and secure surfaces for kids at play. PlayFall® rubber safety tiles and GrassTex recreational turf both provide cushion and traction for maximum safety.

PlayFall® Rubber Playground Flooring

4' Fall Height

As children are learning to walk and play, the flat, slip-resistant surface gives them the stability and fall protection they need.

6' Fall Height

When kids are going to be playing on (and falling from) low lying equipment, this may be a good option to meet your drop height requirements.

8' Fall Height

When children and playground equipment begin to grow taller, this intermediate drop height option may be what you need.

10' Fall Height

This option will meet most of our customers’ drop height requirements without their bank account dropping as much as they thought that it would!

GrassTex Playground Turf


Attractive and affordable, this product covers a large array of applications. Reacts and looks like natural grass for any play area.


This new landscape product offers thatch, resulting in a plush body, reducing the amount of infill needed. This product was designed as a next generation playground product.


This is an excellent landscape product that offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. The four color blend of this surface provides a truly authentic look.

Playground Surfaces Gallery

Color Options

PlayFall® Colors
PlayTime™ Turf Colors

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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