Strata Comm® Commercial Flooring

Strata Comm® by Robbins is a seamless commercial flooring system. Its aesthetically-pleasing design helps create custom floors for work spaces. With chemical and stain resistance, it’s is an excellent option for any commercial floor.

Strata Comm® Commercial Flooring Systems

The Strata-Comm® family includes six different flooring options for you to choose from. Abacus can work with you to find the right fit depending on the look or function you want in your facility.

Strata Comm® also boasts the ability to create artistic patterns and drawings on your floor. These designs dry into the floor itself, so they don’t smudge and don’t need to be re-painted frequently. Strata Boutique®, Flake®, and Quartz® all feature unique patterns that keep their looks after years of use. Check out some of their options below.

Strata Comm® is extremely practical in business uses as well as its aesthetically-pleasing nature. It’s cushioned, preventing stress on joints during the work day and reducing physical fatigue. Its lack of seams also makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

Strata Deluxe®

Fluid applied, seamless, resinous floor system that prevents issues commonly associated with floor seams such as, open seams, moisture migration, and dirt-catch.

Strata Pro®

All the outstanding benefits of the Strata Deluxe system plus a prefabricated rubber basemat to provide added comfort and excellent sound reducing qualities.

Strata Neat®

High quality epoxy resin that provides strong chemical, mechanical and stain resistance qualities.

Strata Boutique®

Resinous flooring system that offers multi-dimensional, pearlescent designs to bring depth and life to the floor.

Strata Flake®

Seamless floor composed of factory blended multi-colored flakes broadcast in a high quality epoxy binder.

Strata Quartz®

Seamless and decorative floor composed of broadcast ceramic coated quartz and a high quality epoxy binder.

Strata Comm® Commercial Flooring Gallery

Strata Comm® Colors

Strata Deluxe® & Strata Pro®
Strata Neat®
Strata Boutique®
Strata Flake®
Strata Quartz®

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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