Introducing: Floor Art

Have you ever walked around your office space and noticed that it lacked color, creativity, or originality? Do you want to put your own personality into the place you work? Luckily for you, Robbins Sports Surfaces has developed a new product called Strata Comm! This flooring allows for unique artistic designs and the ability to customize your floor the way you want. Floor art is very popular in many European countries because of its ability to bring spaces to life. It’s commonly seen in office complexes, cafeterias, and showrooms throughout Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Most offices and schools in the United States have not yet utilized floor art to brighten up their rooms, but Abacus Sports looks to lead the way on making this unique commercial flooring popular here at home.  Abacus professionals have been installing similar floors for over twenty years.

Floor Art Qualities

Until the creation of floor art, there wasn’t a flooring system with the ability to customize in such specific detail. A self-leveling urethane is poured onto the surface of the rubber base. Before the liquid urethane dries, you can create designs and add different colors to your floor. You can free-draw or use stenciled looks to create your own unique piece of flooring art. There are literally infinite possibilities when it comes to creating floor art.

In addition to the creative freedom floor art gives its installers, two other benefits that stand out are its ease of installation and the longevity of the product.

Ease of Installation:

Installing floor art is incredibly easy. The initial layer put down on top of the concrete is called the sub-base. This includes rubbers with different levels of resilience. The purpose of the floor determines the type of sub-base that is put down. After the sub-base is laid down, the urethane gets poured and designed. The design process adds steps to the installation depending on how many colors are used. If the design calls for more than six colors, it may have to be applied in two coats. After the floor art design is finished, the urethane must take time to cure. It takes about three days for the top layer of urethane to fully cure. After that, your new floor is ready!

Example of Installation:

Abacus Sports has this flooring in offices throughout our building! We took several videos of the installation process as we put the floors in. See our progress in the video below:

It’s Long Lifespan

Another benefit to the floor art system is its longevity. It’s ease of maintenance, flexibility to conform to different objects, and moisture protection allows it to stay in good condition for a very long time. As long as these floors are properly cleaned and maintained, they last. Installing a Strata Comm Floor Art is a long-term investment, and can pay dividends down the road. Abacus has been installing these floors since 2004, and because of their longevity, they are still in great condition today.

Commercial floor art

More on Abacus Sports Installations:

Abacus Sports Installations specializes in installing floor art. We’ve been partners with Robbins Sports Surfaces for 20+ Years, and during that time we have become floor art experts. Each job we do is with care, so you get the most out of your experience with us. Floor art is the future of synthetic flooring. The ability to personalize color, design, and comfort makes this product one of a kind. For information and photos of the different types of Strata Comm floors we offer, visit our website.

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