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dog daycare flooring
dog daycare floor
dog daycare floor
dog daycare floor
Dog Daycare Flooring
dog daycare flooring
dog daycare floor
dog turf

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Dog Daycare Flooring and Kennel Flooring


Padenpor dog daycare flooring offers your K-9 facility a resilient and anti-microbial surface.  The seamless floor system is easy to clean and does not harbor bacteria. Different base mat underlayments and urethane thicknesses can help owners customize their floors as well as work with their budgets.  Padenpor comes in an array of colors to match your facility.  The floor is also resurfaceable so the lifetime cost of the floor is much less than other options.

Padenpor Color Options:

Padenpor color sport floor

Regupol Aktiv:

Regupol Aktiv Dog Daycare Flooring offers a non slip surface for Dog Daycares and Agility Courses.  It’s resilient surface is soft on joints for owners and pets alike.  The durable recycled rubber is Green Circle Certified and can qualify your facility for LEED points.  Aktiv is given a seal coat to create a more seamless floor construction to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Synthetic grass is an incredible alternative to natural grass for dog daycare facilities and kennels. With an array of product styles available, you can choose which dog daycare flooring option will be best for your facility. Our turf products provide a clean and chemical free surface for your furry little friends to play on. Say goodbye to dead spots and holes in the areas your dogs love to play!

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