Dog Daycare Flooring

Abacus' seamless, non-porous dog daycare flooring is easy to sweep, mop, and disinfect. Stop stains and liquids from seeping into your floor.

Create a clean, comfortable dog daycare floor

The Benefits of Specialized Flooring:

  •  Sanitary – Nonporous surfaces make mopping/sweeping a breeze. They also eliminate odors and stains.
  • Enduring – Our floors last for years handling foot and paw traffic. 
  • Non-slip – Surfaces are slip-resistant and make your daycare safer for dogs and people alike.

Padenpor is easily cleaned. Floors should be sloped toward drains and then you can simply pressure wash the surface using your preferred detergent. Regular cleaning will ensure an anti-fungal, anti microbial environment.

Our Preferred Dog Daycare Flooring System:

Padenpor™ is cushioned pet-friendly floor material. It’s a two-layer system that combines a soft rubber pad with nonporous urethane. The urethane dries on top of the rubber to create the seamless surface. Padenpor is easy to clean, comes in many different colors, and is completely safe for dogs and all small animals. 

Upgrade your dog daycare flooring:

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