The Meaning Behind “Abacus”

Abacus Sports Installations has been our name since 1991.  It has become a well known name in the sports flooring business for providing quality work for almost three decades. However, many of our customers ask us where the name of our company, “Abacus,” came from.

What is an abacus?

The abacus is a calculating tool that merchants used in Europe, China, Africa, and Russia before the creation of a written numerical system.  An abacus is made of a wooden or bamboo frame with wire fastened across the structure which beads slide across.  Merchants, clerks, and traders would use abacuses to keep precise logs of their goods.  Mathematicians would use them in the high courts to study astronomy and architecture.  They Mayans used a similar device to study the sky and the seasons.

The Meaning Behind Abacus

Abacus is founded on the principles of precision and quality.  The Abacus represents our commitment to precisely measuring every line and carefully calculating each pour. We focus on providing our customers with a high-caliber floor system.  Our trained installers have an understanding of the entire system inside and out.  They work hard because they want our customers to love the floor they invest in.  The floor is the surface you are in the most contact with throughout the day.  Above all else, we here at Abacus want you to be satisfied with our product.

Who is Abacus?

Abacus is a collection of motivated individuals led by the Proud family providing quality and precise floors for our customers.  Regardless of the job, we always strive for perfection.  We are ready to handle any challenge with the experience we’ve gained during almost three decades of business.

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