Basic Body Weight Pyramid Workout

Basic Bodyweight Pyramid Workout

Basic Bodyweight Pyramid Workout

It is wise to spend time trying to build a foundation for physical fitness that can be built upon over time. The beginning focus should be on body weight exercises because it does not require much equipment, so it is cheap.  To build a foundation, a good beginning is with a pyramid workout that allows for a high quality workout tailored to the ability of the person doing it by increasing or decreasing the intensity.  The pyramid workout consists of 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 sit-ups. The pyramid aspect of this workout comes in the reps.

The Work Out

How to do the workout:

1 Pull-Up

2 Push-Ups

3 Sit-Ups

You then increase the number of pull up reps by 1 and adjust the push ups and sit ups with this ratio:

+1 Pull-Up = +2 Push-Ups ratio and  +1 Pull-Up = +3 Sit-ups ratio. The next set should look as follow:

2 Pull-Up

4 Push-Ups

6 Sit-Ups

You should maintain this ratio until you reach 10 Pull-Ups, 20 Push-Ups and 30 Sit-Ups as a single set. Once you have reached this set, work back down to 1 Pull-Up. If done correctly, the sets should begin with 1 Pull-up, then 2, then 3, up to 10, and then back down to 1. These numbers should be doubled for the Push-Ups and tripled for Sit-Ups while maintaining the same order of exercises.

The Goal

The goal is to do this in 30 minutes and decrease the time as your fitness level progresses. The workout can be repeated 2-3 times a week, but be sure to leave at least a rest day between each workout. This allows for the building of a solid physical foundation before trying to build serious muscle with weights.  This Pyramid workout plan is used frequently in the military to help recruits build the necessary muscle to handle a military lifestyle.


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