Fall and Winter Training Program

Fall and Winter Training Program


Fall and Winter Training Program

We all stay active here at Abacus.  Some of us play team sports, some of us run, some of us lift weights.  One thing that is important to all of us is to stay active all year round.  Lifting weight during the fall in winter months has a different approach than in the spring and summer.  A beach bod isn’t as essential when it is hidden under flannels and sweaters. So its time to build some strength with a Fall and Winter training program.

What is the “5×5” program?

The 5×5 program has many variations, but is a basic routine with a limited number of workouts, each containing 5 sets for 5 reps.  In 1960, the first person to really write about a program detailing 5 reps for 5 sets was Arnold Schwarzenegger mentor, Reg Park. The grandfather of American and British body building and strongman.  Today it is used by many football coaches and personal  trainers to help athletes build muscle and a stable foundation for compound lifts.

What is the focus?

The 5×5 program does not focus on hypertrophy training which is training to make muscles gain size.  The goal of this program is to build strength.  That is why it is perfect for the fall and winter!  It helps you build structure during the months where you spend less time in flip flops and more time in snow boots.

The Simple 5×5 Program

Workout A

Squat – 5×5

Bench – 5×5

Pendlay Row (Barbell Row) 5×5

Workout B

Squat 5×5

Military Press (Shoulder Press) 5×5

Deadlift 1×5 (1 set for 5 reps).

Boom.  That’s it.  Complete this workout three times a week with a rest day in between each lift. Do lighter weights to start and work up 5lbs each week.

The Right Equipment

When doing these lifts, look for gyms with Regupol Aktiv Flooring and Inlaid platforms.  These floors provide superior resilience, which means when you lift heavy there is just enough cushion to support your joints and the weight.  The Inlaid Platforms create a level surface to prevent trip and fall accidents when performing compound movements.  Abacus Sports Installations prides itself in carrying these products.  As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of a safe and beneficial workout.  Contact us or call 717-560-8050 if you have any questions about the benefits of Aktiv or any of our other strength and conditioning floor systems.