Summer Cardio Planning

Summer Cardio Planning

Summer Cardio Planning

The summer here at Abacus means it is time to get down to business.  Track Business.  Many schools, universities, and organizations are now in the process of receiving one of the Regupol tracks we install.  The tracks are then put through the ringer as multiple sports and track competitors begin to put miles on it.  Summer cardio can be dangerous to those not prepared for the high heat and dehydration.   Here are five tips to help with your summer cardio planning.

Tip 1: Save Time in the Sun, Try HIIT training.

Summer Cardio Planning

High Intensity Interval Training really came onto the workout scene after Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata discovered what is now known as the Tabata Protocol.  It is popular because it saves people the most expensive asset they have in their arsenal, time. Dr. Tabata discovered that this method of High Intensity Interval Training could increase fitness levels by 28% over static-fitness workout plans.  Now HIIT has taken on many forms in the last two centuries.  Check out a couple programs and see what works best for you.  These workouts will be shorter.  These workouts will get you out of the heat and sun quicker while still providing your body with a fitness routine that will help you accomplish your goals.

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated: The Benefits of a Camel Back

You will notice changes in your body when running in the summer heat.  You will sweat more, feel light headed, and even experience fatigue.  It is even more more important to stay hydrated during the summer months because heat exhaustion can strike the immune system very quickly.  A camel back is a hands free way of staying hydrated.  They come in many different sizes and brands, so shop around and find the best for you.

Tip 3: Run Smart at Night

Running at night is a good way to beat the heat and keep the sun off of your back. Night or evening runs will keep the sun off your back preventing heat related illnesses and sunburn.  It is important to dress appropriately for running at night. A reflective running vest is important for your safety.  This allows others on the road to see you well before you are within a dangerous proximity of them.

Tip 4: Sweat Resistant Sunscreen

Sweat resistant sun screen should be closer to the top of this list.  A lot of runners will try to avoid the sun by running during cloudy moments in the day.  The sun’s rays still permeate the clouds.  Summer Cardio Planning should revolve around staying healthy.  Sunscreen will prevent unnecessary sunburn and exposure to harmful rays.  Depending on your skin type the SPF required will fluctuate.  A safe bet is to go with something SPF 35 or over.

Summer Cardio Planning

Running with a Partner

Tip 5: Run with a Partner

Running with a partner will provide additional safety and motivation.  Exercising should be enjoyable and a running partner can help with that.  Additionally they are another set of eyes and ears to look out for hazards.  Choose the right partner to run with.  You may want to consider a running partner near your fitness level.  With this in mind also pick somebody who you enjoy spending time with.  You will spend time with this person and because of this it should be somebody who you enjoy.  If you have a friend or significant other who also wants to get healthy, start running together.

In conclusion, be mindful and safe when running during the summer.  It is important to monitor your body because of the heat. Stay hydrated, cool, and keep the sun off of open skin without sunscreen.  A good way to stay motivated and have a safer run is to run with a partner.  Find somebody near your fitness level that you enjoy spending time with.  Then all there is to do is lace up and get out there!