Sport Flooring Trends

One of the largest trends for indoor sports flooring would be the immersion of synthetic flooring. Synthetic flooring has been around for decades. The athletic community is now embracing this product because of all the benefits that come with it. Padenpor flooring is being used by Churches and Colleges across the United States because of its ability to improve the overall facility. It gives athletes a comfortable surface to play on, and can be used for many different activities. Churches like these floors because of the multi-purpose use. It can be used for athletic events and fellowship gatherings. Most institutions today are looking for a flooring that can withstand years of foot traffic and sports performances. Abacus has installed synthetic floors from over ten years ago that are still in great shape. When properly taken care of, these floors can last decades before they need to be replaced. These reasons make synthetic sports flooring, the latest trend.

Below are some gym examples Abacus Sports has completed. Each flooring has a unique look to it, represented by different colors and logos. Synthetic flooring has customization features that wood flooring does not have. Hardwood flooring does not allow for a multi-colored surface the way synthetic flooring does. Many churches, high schools and recreational facilities have switched from hardwood flooring to synthetic flooring because of the low maintenance cost. The flooring you see below (Padenpor & Pulastic) requires minimal maintenance once installed. It should be cleaned whenever there is dirt or scuff marks, but unlike hardwood flooring these synthetic floors do not require mandatory annual maintenance. There is no need for resurfacing or applying wax, which can save time and money. Synthetic flooring offers more benefits then hardwood flooring, which is why many facilities are installing them. Take a look at some more Synthetic Floors Abacus Sports has done by following the link below the pictures!


Calvary Christian Academy Custom Logo Church Sports Surfacing

Calvary Christian Academy: Padenpor Flooring

Monsoon/Stone Gray

USCG Curtis Bay: Padenpor Flooring

Pulastic Flooring

Franklintown Charter: Pulastic Flooring


Abacus Sports Installations: Synthetic Flooring Projects

Fitness Flooring Trends

For fitness flooring the new trend is inlaid platforms. The ability to eliminate a raised platform has been a huge hit in the weight training industry. Coaches around the United States have switched to an inlaid platform because the benefits they offer. The avoidance of injury and easy clean makes this flooring a top pick in the fitness industry. When the raised platform is eliminated, it allows the weight-room to be a one-level surface. The level surface allows for easy movement of equipment, creating more space for conditioning activities. The ability to easily move and re-position equipment can add another advantage to your weight-room. If the weather prevents a field workout, it can be done inside by moving equipment around. Something that would not be readily available to do if inlaid platforms were not present.

For years raised platforms were needed to protect the flooring beneath. The inlaid system Abacus uses, protects the sub-flooring by using a special method of rubber placement. Abacus Sports specializes in installing inlaid platforms because we helped create them. In 2011 the idea arose, and in 2012 we completed the first ever inlaid system at Villanova University. Other companies have tried to replicate the work we do with these platforms, but their work results in cracked concrete below the platform. The quality of this platform can bring any weight room, a new feel. Athletes enjoy them because it gives their joints a giving surface to operate on. Many platform exercises require rapid movements that can harm joints and muscles. The rubber flooring between the two crash mats provides a safer, more comfortable place to lift weights.  Take a look at some more Inlaid Platforms Abacus Sports has done by following the link below the pictures!


College Athletic Facility Weight Room Flooring

College Athletic Facility Weight Room Flooring

Villanova Inlaid Platform

Villanova Inlaid Platform

Prevent Joint Pain


Abacus Sports Installations: Inlaid Platforms