Track Workout Usain Bolt

Track Workout Usain Bolt

Track Workout

Abacus is proud of being a certified installer of Regupol Tracks.  These tracks are arguably the best in the world, with Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world endorsing them as the best tracks he’s ever run on.  These were also the tracks he broke the world record on during Worlds in Berlin in 2009.  You can do a lot on these tracks.  Here we have a basic track workout to get you started running on Regupol Tracks.

Warm up:

When working out it is always important to warm up. Especially with running, if a warm up doesn’t happen, the effectiveness of the workout decreases while the potential for injury or cramping increases. A good 800m to 1600m jog with a few dynamic drills should be more than enough to wake the legs up and get them ready to go. This is a simple track workout that builds cardio and engages the entire body.

2 Lap Jog

100m High Knees

50m Butt Kickers

100m Skipping

50m Calf raises

Work out:

Run 2 Laps (Slow pace)

20 Walking Lunges

1 Minute Plank

10 Burpees

Run 2 Laps (Medium Pace)

25 Squats

30 Scissor Kicks

15 Pushups

*Run 2 Laps (Fast Pace)

30 Jump Lunges

30 Bicycle Crunches

50 Jumping Jacks

Run 2 Laps (Slow Pace)

30 Russian Twists

15 Leg Lowerings

20 Close Arm Pushups

Cool Down:

The cool down is an important part of the recovery process.  Also, a cool down will aid against future injury and will reduce soreness.

2 Laps Slowly Jog

Static Stretching


Increasing intensity and reducing the time taken to recover will speed up the pace of progress. Be sure not to push too hard and exceed the limits of one’s body. Athletes should follow proper hydration and eating habits when working out with high intensity.

Some other factors that play a role in preventing injury on the track are the footwear and the environment that one runs in. Footwear is important because it plays a huge role in the stability of the foot. Poor footwear can cause serious foot, shin and ankle problems. With the repetitive contact that comes with running and other athletic movements comes the need for comfort and increased absorption of impact.

As for the environment, weather plays a serious role, but is not something that can usually be controlled. Weather must be accounted for with the proper clothing or moving to the gym. Also, the type of surface being run on can be a make or break kind of difference. Running on the road is not as easy on the body as running in the grass, but an uneven terrain can yield a serious ankle hazard.  Running on a track is the best option for safety.

The quality of a track can make all the difference. Regupol Tracks are the highest quality track in the industry. Abacus is here to provide a quality track for any facility that looks to have a professional running surface for its athletes.  Abacus is an athletic flooring specialist that focuses on athletes.  For any questions Contact us or call 717-560-8050.