The Difference

Many people assume that Sports and Fitness flooring are the used for the same purpose, but they are not. The difference can be determined by there names. Sports flooring is used for hosting ball sports, and other organized or recreational activities. Sports Flooring can differentiate depending on what a person is looking for in material, cleaning and customization. While Fitness flooring deals with the lifting and dropping of weights, it does not have the ability to cater towards ball sport activities. The material used with fitness flooring is much different then that of Sports Flooring, because of this variation, different maintenance methods should be used.

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Sports Flooring Maintenance

Sports flooring has a few different forms. The most popular form of Sports Flooring is Synthetic Flooring, or Pad and Pour. Synthetic flooring is made with a sub-layer of rubber, then coated with layers of urethane. The combination of these two materials creates a seamless, smooth surface that is easy to clean. With no cracks or seems, it is much easier to maintain excellent facility hygiene.  Abacus Sports recommends cleaning synthetic floors by using cleaning solutions with a Neutral PH. If a synthetic floor is cleaned with a high or low PH, it could negatively affect the flooring. As long as the floor is properly cleaned, there is no need for resurfacing or reapplying of the top layer. These synthetic floors last years into the future when properly taken care of. Abacus has installed floors from thirty years ago that are still in great shape, and have no need to be replaced.

The other most common form of sports flooring is Hardwood. Since it was first invented, the way Hardwood Flooring systems are made and installed has evolved. The sub-flooring has been changed to absorb more vibration and give athletes a more comfortable playing surface. Maintenance to a Hardwood sports floor requires more effort and expense, which results in routine maintenance occurring more often. Daily sweeping with a dust mop is highly recommended, as well as a monthly cleaning of the floor. When cleaning the floor, it is important to use 100% virgin mineral spirits. They are able to remove dirt and stains, while at the same time preserving the hardwood. When recycled mineral spirits are used, it can cause comprehensive damage. At least once a year we recommend the floor to be screened and re-coated with a new finish. This refreshes the hardwood floor giving it more grip integrity and a sleek finish.

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Fitness Flooring Maintenance

There are several different forms of Fitness Flooring, but they all use the same material. Recycled rubber is used to create fitness flooring such as Regupol’s Aktiv. This material should be cleaned as often as possible. Due to the constant exercise and sweat, bacteria is always present. To prevent bacteria residing within the rubber floor, it should be cleaned with the approved products. Hillyard Cleaning products are recommended and can be used because of their neutral PH. This flooring does not require any type of resurfacing or annual reapplication. Like the Padenpor flooring, when Aktiv is properly maintained it can last for years to come.