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Our multipurpose room flooring can handle a variety of sports and activities.

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Church Flooring Options

Both synthetic and vinyl flooring options are popular for worship centers and church gymnasiums.

Awana Floors

Build an Awana court right on your sports floor. No tape or messy paint required.

All-Purpose Rooms and Cafeteria Flooring

Synthetic flooring holds up to tables and chairs for any gymnasium that works as a cafeteria and multi-use space.

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Church Flooring: Gymnasiums, Multipurpose Rooms, and More


 Abacus has installed many church floors over the years. This has led to us creating many uniquely-designed gym floors. Whether you need lines for not-so-common sports, or a cool color combination to grab the attention of all who come into your space, Abacus has your back.

Our Padenpor™ flooring has found its way into many church gyms and worship centers over the years. It’s the perfect floor for church activities due to its durability, resilience, customizability, and safety.  We’re committed to giving you a unique floor that fits your space, your needs, and your wants.

Abacus also has extensive experience with Awana courts. This game is extremely popular in churches and worship facilities worldwide, and Abacus has given churches looking to add the game lines for this game what they want. If you want Awana lines on your floor, get in touch with us.

When you work with Abacus, you don’t just get a regupol sports floor. You get a multipurpose floor that your churchgoers will use for years and years.

Featured Projects

Our Lady of Mercy Academy

  • Padenpor™
  • 7,766 sq. ft.
  • Newfield, NJ

Wyoming Area Catholic School

  • Robbins Pulastic®
  • 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Exeter, PA

Chambersburg Bible Church

  • Robbins Pulastic®
  • 4,628 sq. ft.
  • Chambersburg, PA

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