Shooting Range Flooring

Flooring and tiles with shock-absorbing and sound cancelling properties are perfect for any indoor shooting range, allowing for easy clean-up and maximum safety and protection.

Recommended Shooting Range Flooring

Abacus commits to safer shooting range flooring options. Padenpor™ has shock absorption that helps with both noise reduction and ricochet control. Regupol also offers several recycled rubber shooting range design options to create a safer area for all.

Our recommended shooting range options are below. Find out more about each and gives us a call for more information and insight about which option may be right for you.


Padenpor’s shock-absorbing and noise-reducing qualities make it an excelling flooring choice for any rifle range.

Regupol® Interlocking Pavers

Easy to interlock and perfect for shooting ranges, rubber pavers increased shock absorption and ricochet protection.

Regupol® Elastic Tiles

Elastic tiles can be used to protect walls, floors and ceilings. They prevent dangerous ricochet and rebounds in the inner area of galleries.

Regupol® Fragmentation Sheets

Fragmentation sheets serve as the primary bullet impact area and may be built as part of a backstop immediately behind the targets.

Rifle Range Floor Gallery

Shooting Range Design Colors

Padenpor™ Colors
Regupol® Colors

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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