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Location: Pennsylvania – Kennett Square

Area: Multiphases of sqft Padenpor Equine Flooring

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd. in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

The University of Pennsylvania hosts an extensive veterinary medicine program that is run out of two veterinary hospitals. The New Bolton Center Veterinary Hospital is internationally renowned and offers an excellent learning environment for enthusiastic young pre-vet students. The hospital, which was opened in 1964, serves more than 6,000 animal patients a year. The New Bolton Veterinary Hospital Campus hosts numerous facilities to benefit the animals seeking care there, including an intensive care building, rehabilitation centers, and a neonatal care unit to name a few.
Abacus’s involvement with New Bolton began in the early 2000’s with a section of flooring taking up only 2,200 square feet of area. Since then, Abacus has gone back to New Bolton on numerous occasions to help ensure their facilities are the best suited for their intended purposes. The majority of the flooring in New Bolton’s stalls, recovery rooms, surgery rooms, and walkways are coated in Abacus’s PADENPOR DLX seamless textured polyurethane surfacing system.

This flooring system is very unique and perfectly suited for this environment. Specially designed to be slip resistant, even when wet, PADENPOR DLX will keep you on your feet and off the ground. With increased thickness in the rubber underlayment, Abacus can provide a cushioned and resilient surface for these large hooved animals to walk on. These features serve to alleviate some of the pressures exerted on the horse’s bones and joints. With a large majority of the animals in this facility nursing wounds of some sort, this extra little cushion can make a huge difference during the course of the horse’s recovery period.
PADENPOR DLX is a huge asset to the veterinarians that take care of the horses too! PADENPOR is unique in many ways, one such way is the integration of cove and wall base into the floor. These polyurethane floors are poured into place as a liquid substance, which allows our installers to do some pretty cool custom floors. We can extend the polyurethane flooring up the base of the wall, creating complete seal of the floor that extends as far up the walls as the owner wants. This means that when it comes time to clean the floors, the handlers can use water and hoses throughout the stall without fear of contaminated water seeping into any cracks or crevices. We can also grade PADENPOR to angle downwards towards drainage systems. This allows all the water from the cleaning to run easily down the drain to the appropriate disposal facilities. PADENPOR can also be applied in a huge variety of colors, meaning the client can pick the color of their floor to suit whatever needs they may have.

In early 2004, the New Bolton Center suffered a terrible outbreak of Salmonella which forced them to shut down facilities for 6 months. During the 6 months, an extensive cleaning effort took place until no traces of Salmonella could be found. Throughout this cleaning process, every time a new isolated area became habitable again, Abacus was called in on the scene. Due to the health and cleanliness properties of our PADENPOR DLX floors, the New Bolton Center decided to have us put brand new floors in each newly cleaned facility. Abacus worked side by side with the New Bolton Center to help restore their facilities to their previous capabilities and return them to working order.
Thanks to the hard work of their staff and with some help from Abacus, the New Bolton Center is back at full capacity and one of leading medical veterinary centers in the nation.


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