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Location: NEW JERSEY

Area: 18 Inlaid weightlifting platforms

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.

Rutgers University’s recently refurbished weight room now includes Inlaid Platforms. Inlaid Platforms consist of a colored rubber base that usually contains a logo of some kind and is flanked by high density rubber crash pads.

Sinking the entire lifting platform so that it is level with the rest of the floor is a relatively new practice. Rutgers University realized the advantages of this and asked us to install some of these new Inlaid Platforms for them. Inlaid Platforms make lifting much safer in a number of ways. They eliminate the potential for miss-stepping off the platform because they are level with the ground. The shock absorbing attributes of the rubber also help take a lot of stress out of the athlete’s joints during exercises. Athletes are also more likely to train harder on Inlaid Platforms because they feel safe enough to have more explosive lifts. The Inlaid Platforms also allow for smoother transitions between lifts, making the flow of the workout much more enjoyable.
Rutgers’ old platforms posed some considerable safety hazards, along with being difficult to clean as well. Athletes were at risk to injury from miss-stepping off of the raised platforms that used to be in Rutgers’ weight room. With all the Inlaid Platforms being flush with the ground, Rutgers cleaning staff now has a MUCH easier time cleaning the floor in the weight room.
Rutgers University realized the major advantages of having Inlaid Platforms installed, and their athletes have been better for it ever since.

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