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Snow Hill Middle School

Location: Maryland

Area:  6,300 sqft Vinyl Sports Flooring

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.

As a part of Worchester County public school gym floor revamping effort, Snow Hill Middle School is the third Worcester County School to have Abacus install an Omnisport vinyl sports flooring. Snow Hill Middle School also chose to have the Gold Maple pattern of vinyl sports flooring. For their new gym floor school logo, they have an eagle adorning a sweater with the schools initials, SH.

On the floor of their old gymnasium, these students had vinyl composition tiles. These tiles are not resilient and do not absorb shock very well. Because of these reasons, as well as a few others, VCT does not meet the minimum requirements to be considered a sports floor. Not only does VCT not perform as well, it is significantly less attractive than a vinyl sports floor too.

The installation of these three vinyl sports flooring and gymnasium floors took place during the summer of 2015. Because these are schools, our installers had a limited window of time to install these floors before the students came back to school for the fall. With some hard, careful work, we were able to finish up these projects just in time for the new school year!

This new floor was a huge upgrade for the students at Snow Hill Middle School. They now have a resilient vinyl athletic floor to run around on, instead of hard and slippery vinyl composition tiles. As a result, the students will be much safer and enjoy an elevated level of sport floor performance, as well as vastly improved gymnasium aesthetics.

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