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Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Area: 33,000 sqft, Pulastic and Aktiv

Mezzanine Track, Gym and Weight Room

Installation: Abacus Sports Installation Ltd.

Student Activity Center in Lock Haven University was refurbished and redesigned to become a state of the art athletic facility.  It will now include a new mezzanine track, gym and weight room.  The flooring is now resilient and seamless and will have many different applications available to the students. The weight room is 100% recycled rubber, Aktiv. The total flooring consisted of 33,300 square feet.  This project utilized a green method of installation and product.  The gym and mezzanine flooring system is water based making this a completely environmental installation and system.

Abacus Sports Installations advised and consulted to develop a resurfacing specification that met with the owner’s desires and budget.  One of the owner’s requirements was that we show some involvement from a MBE or a WBE.  Abacus contracted with a company, Danaher, from New Hampshire to perform sub base preparations.  This met the schools requirements overall project.  The project was completed on time and inside budget.

The original floor was only 15 years old.  There was a heavy use to take in to consideration in the consulting.  The original floor had failed and the customer wanted a product that could possible last longer.  We have completed projects that have lasted decades.  We completed this project with our expert technicians as well as utilizing local talent in the community.  This helped the local economic environment.

There were structural issues that were found during installation.  There were cracks in the concrete that needed to be corrected in order to complete the project on time and in budget.  We repaired these ditches and cracks while they were outside of our normal scope of work.  The other major complication was the all of the exercise equipment was left in the entire facility.  This made it harder to install the flooring as it needed to be done is sections in stead of just a straight run.  The equipment need to be coordinated and moved as each section was completed. In, The WBE, Danaher, sanded the facility for the floor preparation. Each area needed to be completed individually due to the equipment movement. This was extremely difficult due to many additional repairs in the outer edging of all of the concrete floors all having to be done prior to any installation.

Our original product was redeveloped due to the university and their funding.  The university needed us to develop a system that was cost effective.  Abacus was able to give them a value product with an extended life.  We were the GC we were able to eliminate additional cost by eliminating the middleman.

Abacus completed this project with our expert technicians.  The project was completed on time and inside budget.  The crew was up against adverse surroundings with the equipment constant relocation and concrete ditches and repairs.  They were still able to complete the project on time which is a credit to their hard work, management capabilities and dedication. The project manager diligently followed every step to make sure everything went smoothly.

The floors are beautiful.  The track running around the upper portion of the Student Center allows you to over look the gyms below.  There are many courts so that many students can take advantage of the facility.  The three color finish allows depth to the facility.  The weight room now has the ultimate in flooring protection and absorption for athletes and general students.  The redesign fit all the needs of the students the administration and the community.  There are many courts developed in the floor, basketball, tennis courts, volleyball and badminton.

Abacus is very proud of this installation.  We made sure the customer was happy from the beginning to the end.  The customer was happy with the installation, value, timeliness, quality and performance of Abacus.  We are very happy with the crew, suppliers, and administrators.  Everyone did a great job despite adversity.  We have rewarded the crew with awards to show them that we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication.

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