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Tallmadge Recreation Center

Location: Tallmadge, OH

Area: 45,000 sq ft rubber floor system

Installation: Abacus Sports Installation

Tallmadge Recreation center is a 100,000 square-foot health, fitness, wellness and recreation center with recreation services for all ages.  With 4 full-sized basketball courts, a 1/5 mile indoor track, 80 pieces of strength and cardio equipment, and two group fitness studios, Tallmadge Rec Center has a lot to offer its patrons.  Tallmadge understood that their rec center needed to be built with the durability and longevity to withstand the high levels of traffic that members would generate, so they turned to Abacus for their floor system solution.

In 2004 Abacus installed a Padenpor 9 +2 polyurethane loose lay rubber floor system in the fitness facility encompassing walkways, the track, fitness area, and  basketball courts.  This durable athletic floor has a 32% impact reduction rating and is optimal for reducing fatigue and preventing injury.

A polyurethane rubber floor system is constructed with a seamless surface for a consistent and level floor system.  This self leveling, durable, low maintenance surface can be tailored to customer specifics of surface function and required shock absorbency.  Sub-floor systems are long lasting allowing for old floors to receive quick repairs, repaints, and resurfaces for a fraction of the price of putting in a new floor.

Flooring Project Studies

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