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Location: Villanova University, Pennsylvania

Area: 3,200 ft2 (Aktiv), 8 Inlaid Weight Lifting Platforms  (second phase 2,402 sqft (Aktiv), 4 Inlaid Weight Lifting Platforms

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.

MABX Craftsmanship Award 2014 Winner.

Villanova University had two beautiful rubber weight room floors installed in 2013 to the benefit of their football and basketball teams. The first weight room installed was for the football team, where it was soon admired and appreciated by not only the football coach, but the basketball coaches as well. The seamless design of the inlaid platforms, as well as the expertly crafted Villanova “V” that accents the platforms are some of the key aesthetic features of this weight room. With the high density crash pads bordering an inlaid lifting platform, athletes can perform lifts to the max without fear of falling off a raised platform. The added resiliency also absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes’ bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Along with being much safer, these platforms make it much easier on the maintenance staff when it comes to cleaning as well.

We first installed the floor in the football team’s weight room, but soon Villanova’s nationally ranked basketball team became envious of the football teams exquisite new weight room flooring. They decided they wanted the best for their basketball players as well, so they had us install the same weight room flooring in the Davis Fitness Center.  Improved safety from the inlaid platforms and the sharp, crisp look of the recycled rubber Aktiv floor, Villanova University is providing their athletes with the highest quality weight room flooring available.

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