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Wyoming Area Catholic School (WACS)
Location: Exeter, Pennsylvania
Area: 6,392 sq/ft
Color: Sand Beige
Installation: Abacus Sports Installation Ltd.

The Wyoming Area Catholic School (WACS) in Exeter, PA, strives to integrate faith and high academic standards into their student’s daily lives. To achieve these high standards WACS must deliver not only outstanding education, but also excellent facilities. By providing their students with the knowledge, resources and necessary amenities, WACS has given its students the tools to become faith-filled, successful and safe members of society.

When the first considerations for getting a new gym floor were verbalized, the school’s requirements were obvious: the main characteristics sought out in a gym floor are athletic performance as well as safety. At WACS, the gym is not only used for sports activities but also serves as a lunch room and an auditorium for special events. A wooden floor could not be put into consideration as they would have to cover it during lunch times; and pre-school sports activities require a more cushioned floor than wood would provide.

The schools maintenance manager got in contact with the original architect who designed the whole building. He understood all their wishes and needs and referred the school to Abacus Sports Installations, as they are specialized in the installation of a seamless, all-purpose and resilient rubber flooring system that would meet all the schools requirements.

After technical and financial consultation, Abacus Sports Installations was finally awarded to install the new gym flooring during the summer break 2014. It was a huge surprise for the kids, teachers and parents when they all returned to the new school year after the summer vacation holidays. The floor was inaugurated and met unanimous enthusiasm.

The whole Job included the removal of the existing floor, a diamond grinding of the adhesive residues from the concrete substrate and the installation of 6392 sf of Pulastics Classic 90 with a one color finish in #205 – sand beige. The basketball lines were painted on in black and the school’s mascot, a cougar, serves as an eye-catching centerpiece for the whole gymnasium. 

We got the chance to talk to the principal of the school, Mrs. Eileen Rishcoff, who is genuinely impressed by the work of Abacus Sports Installations. She quoted that “Abacus was so professional and helpful. We got everything we needed. The salesman Mr. Proud helped us a lot doing all the paperwork. The workers at site worked really hard and did a great job; they all knew what they were doing. We got a specific schedule from Abacus and everything went according to the schedule”. She also points out that Abacus tried its best to find the most affordable solution for them – thus Abacus suggested to use the color of the floor for the color of the cougar in the logo and saved them more money.

The school’s basketball team really likes the new floor. According to them, the old floor was slippery – but this one is great and has excellent traction. They feel as if their performance on this new Pulatics floor is vastly increased and it is level enough to perfectly bounce back the ball. The person maintaining the floor mentioned that she was surprised how easy the maintenance and cleaning of the floor is – even at such a light color.

The Wyoming Area Catholic School is more than happy about their new all-purpose floor. It is cushioned, joint-friendly and provides less injury in the event of a fall. The floor is multi-purpose and is used for gym classes as well as daily lunch breaks and special events. All tables and chairs used for the lunch break are easily moved out of the way for the basketball court.

In addition to the schools vast array of uses for the floor, the community is also now using the floor for bazars and other activities creating a larger community involvement at the school

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