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George Washington Elementary School Gymnasium Room

Location: Bethel Park, PA

Product: 3,500 st/ft of Pulastic Classic 110 in Classy Iron Grey with Vibrant Orange and White Game Lines

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations

George Washington Elementary School had a gymnasium room with an old carpet installed for their students to play sports on.  The carpet offered no resiliency to the children who used it daily.  The carpet required constant maintenance and vacuuming to keep it clean and safe for the kids.  George Washington turned to Abacus Sports Installations for a flooring solution that would offer resiliency and be easy to maintain.

The smooth and non-porous Pulastic surface allows them to periodically run an auto scrubber to keep it looking clean and vibrant.  Those who have used the carpet flooring appreciate the comfort level of the premium padded polyurethane system installed by Abacus Sports Installations.  The nominal thickness of the Pulastic Classic 110 is 11mm and offers a 25% shock absorption rating.

One of the great benefits of the Pulastic Classic 110 is its ease of maintenance, repair, and ability to be resurfaced.  The life of the floor can be extended with new top layers while reusing the existing underlay pad.   More information on what Pulastic products Abacus Sports Installations can provide for your facility can be found here, by calling 717-560-8050, or by emailing

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