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GreenLay™ Omnisports


GreenLay™ is an advanced installation technique for resilient vinyl sports flooring that is exclusive to Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports 6.5mm and 8.3mm. It is 98% adhesive-free, allows moisture conditions up to 92% relative humidity per ASTM F2170, and reduces costs relative to a moisture barrier. With less adhesive, GreenLay™ is quicker to remove and recycle at the end of its protracted life.

GreenLay™ was first developed and used by Tarkett Sports is 1995. The first installation was a gymnasium with temperature changes and rising moisture levels due to a nearby body of water. Today, the same installation is in pristine condition and is still in use after 20 years. Since 1995, there have been 12 million square feet of GreenLay™ installed worldwide with over 4 million square feet installed in North America. Most notably, there have been no product failures to date when properly installed and maintained. GreenLay™ has revolutionized sports flooring installations to become the new standard for performance and environmental importance.

GreenLay™ uses modest amounts of adhesive on the edge of each court, doorways, and volleyball sleeves, while Tarkett’s Tarkotape protects each seam for welding. The Omnisports material itself completes the rest. Its superior dimensional stability and essentially tension-free manufacturing process make it the only volatile sports flooring that can be installed this way. In short, the exceptional qualities of Omnisports makes GreenLay™ possible.

Benefits of Vinyl Sports Flooring

GreenLay™ Omnisports

GreenLay™ Omnisports

GreenLay™ minimizes installation time by an estimated 20%, reducing construction delays and extra downtime for your gymnasium. Moisture tolerance is greater than traditional installations. GreenLay™ can tolerate up to 92% relative humidity per ASTM F2170. GreenLay™ is less expensive than moisture barriers. In most cases, GreenLay™ can abide moisture problems at a fraction of the cost. Since GreenLay™ is 98% adhesive free, removing the floor for recycling is effortless. There is little adhesive contamination which could cause a recycling center to deny the material.

During the installation process, GreenLay™ creates minimal waste associated with the use of adhesive. It requires a fraction of the containers used in a full adhesive installation, which must be shipped to the project and then thrown away afterwards. An 8,000-square-foot gymnasium could need as much as 64 gallons of adhesive, but a GreenLay™ installation typically uses less than 1 gallon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GreenLay™ better than other minimal adhesive systems?

GreenLay™ adheres just around 2% of the surface area and can allow up to 92% relative humidity (ASTM F2170). This makes installation less dependent on moisture conditions. It also generates minimal waste, makes recycling effortless, and even allows greater access to the subfloor. Other systems require more adhesive and may have decreased tolerances for moisture.

Can I tell a difference between GreenLay™ and a fully-adhered Omnisports floor once it is installed?

No. The absence of adhesive does not significantly alter performance of the floor. An Omnisports floor installed with GreenLay™ has the equivalent sports performance properties (ASTM F2772) and other characteristics of a fully-adhered surface.

Can GreenLay™ withstand static and rolling loads?

Yes. Tables, chairs, portable bleachers, and carts have been commonly used on GreenLay™ installations for the past 20 years. It has been tested with static loads up to 200 psi (ASTM F970) and rolling loads up to 1,500 N (EN 1569). However, with any flooring system, it is crucial that all equipment used on the surface be undamaged, washed, and designed for use with resilient flooring. For example, if a stand-up table has a faulty wheel or the weight distribution system is not engaging properly, the limits of any resilient floor may be exceeded. If there is a time where higher load tolerance is required, Tarkett Sports offers Omnisports HPL, which can accommodate static loads up to 500 psi (ASTM F970).

How much faster is a GreenLay™ installation?

GreenLay™ is about 20% faster than a fully-adhered floor on average, but installation time differs depending on the floor requirements. It achieves this by essentially getting rid of the adhesive application process. There is no waiting for adhesive to set before the floor can accept foot traffic. If you have a small window for installation or you want to finish things in a faster time, GreenLay™ may be the right solution for you.

Is there a higher chance of mold or mildew using the GreenLay™ system?

No. The Omnisports GreenLay™ system does not add to the growth of mold or mildew. ASTM G21 testing of Omnisports indicates “zero growth” of microorganisms on the material backing. Regardless of the sports flooring system, the risk of mold can be virtually defeated by controlling site conditions. Mold needs a certain combination of factors to grow: moisture, the right temperature, a food source, and oxygen. To prevent this growth, simply keep surfaces clean, dry, and well ventilated.

Why is GreenLay™ a better solution for end-of-life recycling?

GreenLay™ aids recycling in two ways. First, since there is little adhesive used, the floor can be detached more easily. Second, the backing of the Omnisports floor remains adhesive-free. Adhesive contamination could cause some recyclers to deny the material, making it more difficult to recycle fully-adhered sports flooring. With GreenLay™, that obstacle is eradicated before the first basketball game is ever played on your floor.

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