Gym Floor Cleaning & Disinfecting Guides

Need tips on gym floor cleaning? Follow our maintenance guides below to disinfect your athletic surface safely and properly. Updated for coronavirus.

Find Your Floor’s Maintenance Instructions Below:

Padenpor Flooring – Cleaning & Disinfecting 

We recommend Hillyard cleaning products for Padenpor maintenance. Download our Padenpor maintenance guide below for more information on cleaning instructions, proper floor cleaning materials, and floor restorative tips. You can also order cleaning materials online at

The following Hillyard products are EPA-approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 and are encouraged to be used to disinfect Padenpor floors:

Regupol Gym Floor Cleaning Guide

Regupol has simple instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Aktiv and AktivPro fitness floors. We recommend using Lysol I.C. Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner, as it fits the EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2. For normal cleaning and resorative maintenance, use Diversey Profi Cleaner and Grease Remover.

Tarkett Omnisports Disinfecting Guide

Tarkett’s list of EPA-approved chemicals for for Omnisports is as follows:

Some products will state that they are “no rinse” but Tarkett recommends rinsing of all cleaners with clean water after application. This avoids buildup of detergents on the gym floor’s surface.

Pulastic Cleaning & Maintenance Guides

Robbins’ partner company, Egis Floorlife, offers a warranty program that extends the life of a sports floor up to 40 years. Egis programs are custom solutions for both wood and synthetic flooring systems that assist with floor maintenance. Egis rejuvenates the sports floor, brightens game lines, and removes stains and scuff marks thus retaining the floors original crisp appearance.

With Egis, customers will receive professional cleaning materials, floor maintenance training, and instructions on how to protect their investment, saving them time and money. An exclusive network of Robbins dealers are certified installers, finishers, and inspectors, ensuring customers receive only the best service from the most qualified floor maintenance professionals in the business.

GrassTex Turf Disinfecting & Cleaning Guide

GrassTex recommends the following products for cleaning and disinfecting turf:

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