What Type of Flooring is Right for You?

What Type of Flooring is Right for You?

What Type of Flooring is Right for You?

It is an overwhelming task when faced with the decision to choose a new gym floor.  There are many flooring choices on the market. Each option promotes a set of qualities that can be hard to interpret by those not in the industry.  Ask yourself this question at the start of your decision making process: “What activities will you preform on this floor?” This will help you decide what type of flooring is right for you.

What Activities Will You Preform On This Floor?

When choosing a gym floor, it is important to decide what activities you will be doing on this floor.  A football team weight training with heavy equipment will require a different floor system than a kindergarten dodge ball court.  Lets walk through the activities and see which ones are commonly performed on which sports flooring.

Weight Training

Abacus Sports Installations offers a few options if you have a facility that will be used for weight training.  Regupol Aktiv product line will cover the whole spectrum of weight training.  Whether it is high impact Crossfit or extremely heavy strength training, Aktiv has a system that will satisfy the flooring structural requirements of these activities.

Aktiv Roll is a rolled rubber that Abacus installs into weight rooms and fitness facilities.   It is tough and resilient enough to endure the most intense abuse. The Aktiv Roll is sound attenuating material, reducing the noise from fitness activities (weight dropping, loud stomping, ect.). Aktiv roll offers a slip resistant surface to help protect your athletes from falls.  The cushioned resilience of the floor gives impact reduction that is beneficial to joint health.

AktivLOK has similar benefits of the Aktiv Roll.  Regupol cuts AktivLOK  into puzzle style tiles for easy installation.  The installers then loose lay the tiles in an interlocking fashion to created the floor system.  These tight fitting tile edges hide seams and reduce dirt buildup. The puzzle system also reduces installations costs over traditional glued down rubber flooring.

AktivPRO tile system provides a specialized shock absorption to fit the needs of the athletes it serves.  An Installer secures AktivPRO by using a dowel rod system.  This system is similar to the loose lay system of AktivLOK, but the dowels provide added integrity to assist the floors structure when it receives an intense impact.   This is beneficial for those doing Olympic or power-lifting movements on the floor.

Villanova AktivPRO

Weight room at Villanova with AktivPro

Inlaid Platforms are a recent invention that allow for a much safer lifting environment.  The platforms are inlaid flush with floor to prevent tripping and falling hazards.  They make for easier cleaning for maintenance professionals.  These inlaid platforms have become a staple in professional fitness facilities.  Abacus Sports has experience installers who have a lengthy resume of installs found on our flooring projects page.

Sport and Fitness Courts –

This section will include floors for Multi-purpose use, Track and Field, Basketball, General Fitness and Training facilities, Volleyball, Aerobic facilities, and Gymnastics.

Poured Floor – Inside of Pennsylvania

Pulastic Product line provides amazing benefits that is geared to separate ball sports or for general multipurpose use.  Abacus is a Robbins dealer for the the state of Pennsylvania.  Robbins has an extensive product line that can provide the solution to our customers with regard to use and budget.  The product line coupled with Abacus’s extensive experience with sports flooring allows us to provide customers with the best floor at the best price.

The Pulastic Classic product line is a general use multi-purpose courts for certain applications.  The Classic line comes in three thicknesses; 11mm, 9mm, and 6mm.  Each system provides different benefits depending on the application.

The Pulastic Pro Product line provides more comfort than the classic line.  It comes in 10mm, 11mm, and 16.5mm thicknesses.  It is a seamless surface that has outstanding mechanical strength and wear resistance. Call the office at 717-560-8050 and speak with our PA Representative to hear more about the benefits of every Robbins system.

Poured Floor – Outside of Pennsylvania

roller blade flooring

Padenpor Roller bladeing floor

Padenpor gym flooring systems offer a seamless and slip resistant surface perfect for many sport and multipurpose applications.  The standard floor ranges from a 6mm system all the way up to a 17mm system.

Padenpor specialty systems can be uses for specific sports applications.  Our experience project designers can tailor the floor to the needs of the facility to accommodate different activities.

Padenpor XTR – uses urethane with extreme elongation and tensile properties which offers enhanced performance values.

Padenpor SLT – is a floating system that can be applied over substrates with environmental issues such as asbestos or mercury, or over green substrates.  The floating system aspect gives it a lot of versatility in where it can be installed.

Padenpor SPK – is a spike-proof system designed specifically for competition running tracks, both indoor and outdoor.  This is a durable system.

Padenpor SKT – is an engineered system with additional urethane layers to sustain in-line skating.  This hard but resilient surface delivers high speed, unparalleled puck control and comfort to skaters with its seamless design.

Padenpor TXT – is a textured system designed for applications where enhanced traction is required, such as running tracks and areas with high levels of moisture or humidity.

What We Offer

In summary, each flooring system can provide your facility with the athletic solution of your needs.  Here at Abacus it is your sport, our court.  We provide fitness flooring that can accommodate any school, university, or private fitness facilities. Villanova University  had Abacus install Aktiv and Inlaid Platforms for their sports training facility.

The Pulastic installs at Shane Victorino Boys and Girls Club and at Millersville University Student Memorial Center are great examples of superior workmanship by our sales and install professionals.  These poured floors continue to provide excellent impact absorption and vibrant aesthetic qualities.

Whats Next?

Once you have come to the conclusion that your facility needs a new floor or court for any fitness activity, Contact Abacus!  We have an experienced team that will help you design your project and satisfy your facilities needs. Call us at 717-560-8050 or email us.