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Moravian Academy

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Product: Robbins Air-Channel Star Wood Floor Basketball Court, Pulastic, and AktivLOK

Area: 22,765 sqft

Installer: Abacus Sports Installations

Moravian Academy of Bethlehem, Pennsylvainia was originally established in 1742 in Germantown, Philadelphia by Countess Benigna von Zinzendorf as a seminary school for girls and Moravian Preparatory School for boys.  In 1971 the schools merged into Moravian Academy as it is known today, and the Lions continue to bolster a rich and diverse culture and community.

Moravian Academy had a need for a new basketball court, and in 2014 Abacus Sports Installations gave them a beautiful Robbins Air-Channel Star Wood Floor System Basketball Court.  This system has a wide-body, low-profile, engineered sleeper anchored uniformly to the concrete substrate for enhanced stability.  This engineered sleeper also provides enhanced performance, flexibility, and uniformity that preforms drastically better over softwood sub floor components.

This Air-Channel Star Wood Floor system was finished with professional Gameline paint that accommodated all courts, with the school colors painted on the perimeter and custom school logos implemented on the court.

The Regupol AktivLOK (not pictured) was installed in the Moravian Academy weight room.  The AktivLOK interlocking rubber tiles provided the Moravian Lions with a weight room that could handle the constant abuse of foot traffic and dropping of heavy weights.

Abacus Sports Installations has continually provided quality performance products to our customers.  It’s your sport, our court.  We pride ourselves in our high quality floor systems and want our customers and their athletes to perform at the highest possible output.  Contact Abacus Sports Installations or call 717-560-8050.

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