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North Allegheny HS Weight Room

North Allegheny High School Weight Room

Location: Wexford, PA

Project: 3,300 square feet of 1″ AktivPRO roll and 10 Inlaid Platforms

Installation: Abacus Sports Installations

North Allegheny High School’s Football weight room was given an AktivPRO roll system with 10 inlaid platforms.  The system was designed to give the athletic organizations at North Allegheny High School an appropriate place to train for strength and conditioning.  The 10 inlaid platforms were installed with the High Schools mascot logo, the North Allegheny Tiger Paw.

These Inlaid platforms are engineered to withstand a labor intensive football strength program.  The Aktiv CRASH inlays help protect the floor and the weights, while the non-slip properties of the Aktiv rubber flooring protect the athlete.    Inlaid platforms can give any space a clean level look with a functional benefit.  Now the Tigers can train strength circuits without raised platforms causing trip hazards or slipping hazards.

More information on our inlaid system can be found on our inlaid platforms page.  You can reach Abacus with questions or comments about the system by emailing or by calling +1-717-560-8050.

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