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Location: Southampton, New Jersey

Area: 7160 sqft

Installed: Aktiv Pro Roll 18mm, Inlaid Platform

Installer: Abacus Sports Installations

Pivotal Training is an Athletic Solutions Company and Movement Institution in Southampton New Jersey.  They utilize CrossFit training techniques to give their clients the ability to progress in strength, speed, and agility to reach their goals.

When they found their facility in 2014 they wanted to give their clients a safe, durable, injury reducing surface to train on with AktivPRO roll flooring and inlaid platforms.  AktivPRO is designed to take abuse.

Pivotal Training puts their athletes through an extensive full body workout that requires them to test their strength, speed, and agility.  When testing strength they preform exercises like the dead lift, clean and jerk, and clean and press.  These movements require the athlete to drop the heavy weights from above the knee to above the head, causing a large and forceful impact with the ground.  AktivPRO is designed to take these impacts with a specially engineered, extremely dense rubber with a polyurethane bonding agent.

The inlaid platforms also gave Pivotal Training the option to run other exercises over top these platforms.  Since the platforms are inlaid and even with the surrounding flooring system, sprints, lunges, and other short distance activities could be preformed in the same space with no tripping hazards.

Two years later Pivotal Training is still benefiting from the floor Abacus put in in 2014.  AktivPRO is a great surface for any facility that is active in athletic training. such as gyms, universities, schools, military institutes, fitness facilities, and private homes or institutions.  Inlaid platforms provide a great way to utilize space while providing a safe and injury reducing surface for athletes to train on. Abacus Sports has extensive experience installing these systems, for more information, contact us at 717-560-8050.


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