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PADENPOR DLX™ (Equine Flooring) is a resilient, seamless textured floor covering. For over 25 years it has been widely used in a variety of animal care/equine applications from the best state-of-the-art veterinary facilities to the small individual animal care giver. PADENPOR DLX™ is designed for any facility where bio-security, cleanability, comfort and safety are of importance. PADENPOR looks good, feels great and provides a sanitary environment to any facility like no other surface.  Padenpor is great for stall flooring for breeding stalls, barn flooring, foaling stalls, and recovery stalls.

Our flooring has been installed nationwide, including barns, farms or veterinary facilities near you.

PADENPOR is a rubberized, seamless, texturized floor and wall system. It is constructed using recycled rubber and self-leveling polyurethanes. The resilience of PADENPOR Equine Flooring reduces stress and fatigue.

The rubber is available in different densities and thicknesses. Depending on the application you can have harder or softer surfaces. For instance, you may want a harder surface in aisle ways, but a softer surface in recovery/foaling areas.

Once the rubber is installed, our trained technicians apply a series of self-leveling polyurethane applications so that when complete, the PADENPOR system is totally seamless. Our specially formulated polyurethanes are designed with exceptional elongation and tensile properties, allowing them to stretch any stresses rather than split under duress. We can even run PADENPOR up the walls, incorporating a cove at transitions for easy maintenance. Through experience and design, there are no cracks, voids or seams where bacteria can penetrate. With a deliberate cleaning program, you will be able to manage better bio-security to ensure the welfare of all that occupy areas where PADENPOR is used.

Where do you use PADENPOR?

PADENPOR has been used for stall flooring, surgery suites, operating rooms, barn flooring, recovery areas, foaling stalls, aisle ways, breeding sheds, treatment areas, quarantine areas, laboratories, pharmacies…anywhere where you need a clean, resilient environment.

Who uses PADENPOR?

PADENPOR is installed all over the world in veterinary schools, veterinary practices, thoroughbred farms, research facilities, zoos, canine facilities…virtually anywhere with animals.

How do you clean PADENPOR?

PADENPOR is easily cleaned. Floors should be sloped toward drains and then you can simply pressure wash the surface using your preferred detergent. Regular cleaning will ensure an anti-fungal, anti-microbial environment. In conjunction with your well-managed bio-security protocols, PADENPOR will prove the most sanitary environment for animal and care givers alike. University studies have shown PADENPOR to remain 99.9% bacteria-free when cleaned in conjunction with proper bio-security.

How sustainable is PADENPOR?

PADENPOR has been installed for over 25 years and remains in daily use in some extremely heavily trafficked areas. If needed, PADENPOR can be resurfaced. This is significantly cheaper than the removal and replacement that other floors require. Resurfacing a floor is also faster than replacing it. This results in less downtime for your facility.

How do I get PADENPOR?

PADENPOR is available exclusively through Abacus Sports Installations and Abacus Surfaces. Only our certified installers can install your Padenpor floors and walls. We will work with your professionals in design and delivery to ensure your PADENPOR floors and walls are installed properly with functionality, sustainability and bio-security in mind.

For more information or pricing, email us at, or visit our websites at and


Seamless, Resilient, Cushioned, Easy to Clean, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Range of Colors Available, Non-Slip, Absorbs Shock, Rubber Base, Hygienic, Self-leveling, National Certified Installers, Fatigue Reducing, Sound Absorbing, Thermal Insulating, Permanent!

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PADENPOR DLX™ Seamless Flooring

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Below are some examples of the various applications available for our rubber flooring product:

  • Stalls
  • Pens
  • Exam Rooms
  • Aisle Ways
  • Recovery Stalls
  • Treatment Areas
  • Surgery Areas
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Clinics

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