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Rifle Range Pad and Pour Sandwich System

Padenpor™ (seamless synthetic rubber flooring) is the perfect choice for your indoor rifle/shooting range floor. Padenpor flooring is 100% NRA approved and offers the best protection from rounds fired at any angle. The shock-absorbing and noise-reducing seamless construction allows for easy cleanup of shells and powder residue when the fun is over. The elastic surface consists of 4 coats of polyurethane applied over top of a rubber base mat and is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Padenpor’s™ polyurethane floor offers a comfortable surface that sportsman can shoot on for hours, while at the same time effectively absorbing all projectiles and fragmentations. This product is built to last! It has the longest lifespan of any shooting range flooring available in the market. Padenpor™ is completely compliant with all of Europe’s strict safety standards for indoor shooting ranges, standards that will soon be implemented in the US. 

Resilient Rubber Ballistic Tiles

Regupol America wall and ceiling elements are the perfect complement to a Padenpor™ floor in your indoor shooting range. Regupol offers a variety of products that are specially designed for firearm sports including: Elastic Rubber Tiles, Interlocking Pavers, Shooting Blocks, and Fragmentation Screens. The absorbent, 100% recycled rubber in these products eliminates bullet rebound and offers the highest quality safety standards available. Elastic Rubber Tiles can be installed on walls and ceilings to provide the shooter with 360° noise and projectile absorption. Regupol Shooting Blocks and Fragmentation Screens can be assembled in any combination to form a customized bullet trap, which is a requirement for all indoor shooting ranges. For your outdoor shooting ranges, Interlocking Pavers are the ideal surface for access paths, shooting stands and walkways. They are able to support the weight of a vehicle and their interlocking design provides for easy maintenance. These Regupol shooting range products offer the highest quality German engineering available in the industry.

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Rifle Range.

Abacus Sports Installations Ltd has designed and installed several high quality indoor shooting ranges at locations such as:

  • NRA Headquarters – Manassas, Virginia
  • Secret Service Shooting Range – Washington, DC
  • FBI Shooting Range – Quantico, Virginia
  • Fort Bragg – North Carolina

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