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Ashanti Farm Horse Stalls

Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers

Resilient Rubber Flooring

rubber dog bone pavers

Rubber Pavers and Rubber Tiles

We install equine systems using interlocking rubber pavers.

We specialize in installing equine pavers for paddock areas, breeding areas, foaling stalls, and high profile arenas such as, Aquaduct, Arlington International Raceway and Suffolks Downs.

Rubber Pavers are highly recommended for any application in which slip resistance is essential and can be installed indoors or out. The integrity of the products are unaffected- by ice, water and extreme temperatures. Pavers are the ideal surface for replacing dirty, dusty, or hard slick surfaces found in many facilities. Not only do pavers and tiles give a crisp appearance, they offer quicker cleanup and reduce the chance of injury.

Rubber Pavers can be laid on various surfaces such as concrete, brick, asphalt, wood, stone and rubber. Rubber Pavers and tiles are engineered to provide the perfect combination of comfort and safety for your horse, creating a surface that closely emulates a natural environment and will remain durable and attractive for years.

Rubber Pavers Benefits

  • The rubber pavers are interlocking
  • Standard colors of terra cotta red, solid black, and forest green
  • Highly recommended for slip resistance
  • Installed indoors or out
  • The integrity of the products are unaffected by ice, water and extreme temperatures
  • Commonly used in the equine market in barns, walk-ways and paddock areas

Rubber Paver Colors

Rubber Pavers are available in the standard colors of terra cotta red, forest green, black, and charcoal gray. Custom colors are available with specialty orders and are subject to a great lead time. To order materials only go to Abacus Surfaces, Inc.

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Rubber Pavers.

Below are some examples of the various applications available for our rubber flooring pavers product:

  • Walkways
  • Paddock Areas
  • Winners’ Circles
  • Driveways
  • Golf and Country Clubs
  • Retail Entrances
  • Saddling Enclosures

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Some of Our Rubber Paver Samples

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