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Turf Flooring by Abacus Sports Installations

Agility Turf

Agility Training Turf

Agility Course In Weight Room

Expand your facility into a multipurpose training area with this virtually maintenance free agility/sport training application. We provide athletic artificial grass that offers the longest lasting fiber available on the Agility/sport training in the market. A durable surface for agility courses is essential for the safety of any athlete. The increased durability and safety makes this artificial turf the perfect surface to perform functional high intensity exercises. Advances in the turf industry have allowed for long lasting products with consistent performance over time. Train your athletes on the highest quality sports turf available on the market. 

Dog Daycare Turf

dog turf

Cute dog on turf

Tired of constantly trying to maintain your dogs play area? Say goodbye to pesky weeds, bare patches, and holes in your grass. Artificial turf can create the perfect area that you and your pets will love.  Whether you are looking for a place for your dogs to play at home or you need a safe area in a dog daycare facility, turf provides the ideal surface. Synthetic turf can be easily maintained with solutions, a garden hose, or even natural rainfall. Enjoy a beautiful green lawn for many years with very minimal maintenance. Gain satisfaction knowing you will save time and energy that would have otherwise been spent doing yard work.

Playground Turf


Artificial turf can make your playground one of the safest on the planet. Did you know public playgrounds are required to meet safety guidelines regarding falling zones? With this surface you can be sure that all of the requirements in the Handbook for Public Playground Safety will be met. Turf provides a soft backing to protect children from dangerous falls. Whether you are looking for surfacing for a public playground or a playground in your backyard, artificial turf will assure your children’s safety.

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Turf Flooring

Below are some examples of the various applications available for our turf products:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Agility Centers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Childcare Centers
  • Dog Daycare
  • Kennels

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Some of Our Turf Flooring Samples

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