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Field House Athletic Floor Systems
Multi-purpose Athletic Flooring
Field House Track and Basketball Volleyball Court

Athletic Sports Surfacing for Recreation Centers

Utilize all the space in your facility to better serve your patrons!

Tallmage Field House Floor systems

Rec Center Sports Surfacing

Recreation Centers are staples in the community across the United States.  They provide a great space for athletic and social events as well as an outlet for youth programs.  Rec Centers usually have multiple venues that support different events and activities depending on the space.  Each of these spaces need a durable surface that can be used for multiple events.  Abacus is here as your resource on sports and multipurpose surfacing for Rec Centers.  Our 25 years of experience in the industry gives us an edge in helping facilities with the design and installation of top quality sports surfacing.  Please contact us so that we may be a resource in designing and providing the sports surfacing needs of your facility.

Abacus Sports Installations

Multipurpose Floors that can handle Athletic and Community Events!

Annapolis Multipurpose Rec Center Flooring Systems

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Synthetic Basketball Court Surfacing

Synthetic Multi-Sport Court Surfacing

Abacus is here to provide your facility with the optimal Recreation Center court surfacing to fit your facility’s needs.  Our pad and pour polyurethane systems offer superior resilience, slip-resistant properties, and durability.

  • Resiliency for comfort and injury prevention
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and the ability to be resurfaced
  • Contains recycled content and renewable raw materials
  • Water based finish virtually eliminating VOC content
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and outstanding wear resistance for minimum life-cycle cost and maximum usability
  • Urethane and underlayment can be adjusted to fit the needs of the facility
Regupol Aktiv Pro Tile Weight Room Flooring

Regupol Aktiv PRO Rubber Sports Flooring

Designed with “fitness for a purpose,” the dense, resilient Regupol Aktiv surfaces allows for maximum comfort underfoot & absorbs the shock of training impact.

  • Customizable by:
    • color
    • measurements
    • marketing
  • made of 100% post-consumer tire & post-industrial EPDM rubber.
  • five year warranty
  • Tiles: 24″ x 24″ x 1.0″ Rolls: 4′ x 50′
  •  GreenCircle Certified.
  • Aktiv can help qualify your facility for LEED credits.

Also available in Regupol AktivLok Interlocking Tiles and in Regupol Aktiv

Wood Basketball Court Surfacing

Wood Court Surfacing

Wood Courts are a great option for the traditional aesthetics of a gymnasium.  Some of the great benefits of wood flooring, but not limited to, are;

  • Safe guards the well-being of the athlete
  • Passes ALL global performance standards worldwide, including the stringent MFMA 3rd party certification, PUR, which is strongly governed by the MFMA
  • Continuous interwoven subfloor design is perfect for carrying heavy loads
  • System “bottoms” out on itself during heavy rolling or static loads
  • Elongated anchor slots allow lateral movement to reduce build up of stress, maintaining structural integrity
  • Anchored for dimensional stability and uniformity for long -term superior game play
  • Computer-assisted manufacturing technology for quality assurance
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