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Robbins Sports Floor Systems

Robbins Sports Surfaces

Recognized as the leader for indoor sport floors, Robbins provides safe, comfortable, high performance surfaces for the athletic elite. 19 out of 30 NBA teams and more than half of NCAA Division I schools compete on Robbins sport floors. However, the vast majority of maple and synthetic floors installed by the Robbins dealer network are found in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

Secondary Schools and their demand for athletic and physical education space require the attention to detail only Robbins can provide. Safe surfaces not only help today’s young athletes play their best, but safeguard against injuries caused by the effect of impact force or slippery floors.

Robbins surfaces have revolutionized the way young athletes play on the gym floor. Robbins develops floors in partnership with coaches, athletes, sports medicine experts and engineers, to provide surfaces designed for greater safety, comfort and uniform ball response.

Primary and Elementary Schools: also benefit from selecting a Robbins sport surface. Tomorrow’s athletes under construction today are benefited by proper traction and shock absorption. Orthopedists concur that young sport participants require safe surfaces to reduce the effect of impact and overuse injury. Robbins offers both maple and synthetic floor systems designed to provide optimal levels of resilience and traction—and for a wide range of budgets as well.

While safety is the primary benefit for young athletes, Robbins sport surfaces are also designed to be multipurpose. Whether it’s a basketball game, volleyball match, pep rally or PTO meeting, Robbins has you covered with the industry’s broadest selection of sport floor options.

With a complete line of surfaces to fit any facility and budget, Robbins has revolutionized the way K-12 facilities choose a sport floor. We exercise rigorous standards for testing through every stage of product development and offer sport floors with the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry.

Athletic Facilities: Robbins and its network of Authorized Dealers have installed more collegiate arenas and gymnasiums than any other. Robbins sport floor systems are especially designed for today’s college athlete—both male and female—with safety, performance and user comfort built in. Best of all, Robbins offers the architect and facility manager a full range of options when choosing the best surface. Whether it’s gleaming Northern Hard Maple—the preferred surface for basketball and volleyball—or the practical application of a synthetic surface for the indoor fieldhouse, Robbins has you covered.

Recreational Facilities: Intercollegiate play has no monopoly on serious competition. Just ask those experiencing the intensity of league play between campus fraternities on intramural basketball night. These athletes play to win—and require the same level of safety, performance and user comfort as their varsity counterparts.

In addition to basketball, today’s innovative recreation centers feature a variety of activities for all students. That’s why Robbins offers unique surfaces for just about every indoor sport activity. Jogging tracks, dance studios, yoga classes, martial arts instruction and fitness areas all need suitable floor surfaces to insure peak performance, and Robbins offers a full range of maple and synthetic surfaces designed for these activities.

Church Recreational Facilities: Robbins offers a wide range of products and services for churches constructing or renovating dedicated space for recreation and family activities. Whether it’s for the kids in the daycare center, or the seniors in the walking club, Robbins delivers solutions for safety, user comfort and performance.

Military Recreational Facilities: In military bases spanning the globe representing all Armed Forces branches, Robbins provides durable, high performance floor systems designed for optimal athletic performance and multipurpose use.

The importance of recreation in the military is well founded and Robbins delivers solutions that offer safety and high performance. Since these facilities also serve as assembly halls, temporary storage and drill space, Robbins designs and manufactures sport floor solutions that endure most activities and events.

Non-profit Fitness Centers: In YMCA and YWCA facilities across the country, Robbins is the preferred choice for athletic and multipurpose activities. Basketball was invented at the ‘Y’ and Robbins has re-invented the basketball floor. In Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs along with other non-profit fitness clubs, Robbins delivers safe, high performance floors for practically every indoor sporting activity.

Private Fitness Clubs: From the small locally owned fitness club to the growing number of national chains, Robbins delivers sport floor options for investors desiring the best for their members. Discriminating members prefer the beauty, performance and hygienic appearance of Robbins sport surfaces. In addition to high performance, Robbins also develops flooring systems designed for installation in fast-track construction. Contact Robbins for innovative genuine maple floors for basketball, volleyball, aerobics and martial arts, installed in half the time of conventional maple gym floors.

NBA Arenas: Robbins dominates the boards with the majority of NBA teams playing on our patented, portable, basketball floor—the Robbins All-Star™

NCAA Basketball Venues: Every year you see college basketballs best teams run, jump and shoot on Robbins sport surfaces. In both men’s and women’s divisions, Robbins Collegiate installation list reads like a Who’s Who of legendary teams.

Olympic Training: The U.S. Olympic Training Centers in Lake Placid, Colorado Springs and Birmingham are the model for training centers worldwide. In addition to these prestigious locations, Robbins maple systems are found in numerous international training sites, making Robbins the premier surface for training the world’s elite athletes.

Your Next Facility: When choosing a floor to last the lifetime of your facility, talk to the people who’ve been leading the industry for 100 years. Our century of leadership and commitment ensures your facility will have the best investment for today and in the future.

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