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MVP™ Hardwood Sports Flooring by Robbins Sports Floor Systems

When Robbins introduced the European DIN material testing concept to North America in 1988, it revolutionized the way people evaluated sports floors and the very science by which those floors were designed. Now Robbins has made another quantum leap in addressing comfort and fatigue, once again advancing the science of sports flooring designs.

Robbins’ MVP system not only focuses on optimizing biomechanical interaction between athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity, but is also one of the first in its class to pass stringent MFMA standards and is PUR Compliant. The MFMA PUR certification ensures sports floors are constructed with standards that provide the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance for athletes. Robbins continues to be the leader in sports flooring and is proud to become one of the first manufacturers to pass MFMA PUR standards, providing excellent strength and longevity to competitive sports surfaces.

MVP wood flooring
  1. Finish – MFMA approved Finish
  2. Gamelines – Compatible Gameline Paint
  3. Sealer – MFMA approved Sealer
  4. Flooring – 25/32″ Commodity Random Length(RL) or upgraded 1/2″(13mm) or 25/32″(20mm) Continuous Strip® XL Finger-Jointed (FJ), MFMA Northern Hard Maple Strip Flooring
  5. Flooring Fastener  1 3/4″ (44mm) staples or flooring cleats.
  6. Subfloor – 1 layer of nominal 3/8″ x 24″ x 96″(9mm x 60cm x 2438mm), Exposure 1, structural rated sheathing.
  7. Anchor – Anchor spike and retainer.
  8. Subfloor – Fully laminated MVP panel with built in resilient layer.
  9. Vapor Retarder – 6-mil polyethylene film

System Benefits:

  • Ultimate safety and comfort with ‘MVP’ Maximum Vibration Control
  • Optimal vibration damping
  • Tuning of MVP eliminates resonance frequencies
  • Absolute uniformity through patented innovative system design
  • Continuous laminated subfloor panels
  • Anchored via the resilient layer, no hard connections to active layers
  • Factory manufactured subfloor
  • Unparalleled game-play response through unique design
  • Extreme Uniformity of Ball Bounce, Deflection and Force Reduction – Superior Athletic Performance
  • Heavy load capable  –  Designed for easy load accommodation

System Height:

  • 2 5/8″(67mm) with 1/2″(13mm) thick Flooring
  • 2 7/8″(73mm) with 25/32″(20mm) thick Flooring
  • 3 1/8″(79mm) with 33/32″(26mm) thick Flooring

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