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Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins Sports Surfaces was established in 1894 and still operates today as a family owned business.  It is a premier supplier of high performance maple and synthetic sports flooring systems to the NBA, WNBA, arena, education, religious, and fitness markets.   Robbins has now since expanded its reach to over 65 nations on six continents.  Robbins Sports Surfaces is known for their top quality flooring installations from amateur grade schools all the way up through the professional ranks of the NBA.  In the NBA, 90% of teams have owned competition and/or training facility floors by Robbins.

We here at Abacus have developed a strong relationship with Robbins.  The integrity, commitment to the customer, and strong work ethic of each individual organizations allows for the best product at the best price to be delivered to our customers.  The collaboration has led to countless successful projects, one of them that sticks out to us would be the Shane Victorino Nicetown Boys and Girls Club.  Here is a video on the partnership between Robbins and Abacus to provide these young kids with a facility that would act as a haven of growth and development.


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