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3 Things To Help You Prepare For The Big Race

3 Things to Help You Prepare for the Big Race

3 Things to Prepare for a Race

Running is a very demanding task and asks a lot of your body when competing in a race. It’s important to take the necessary precautions leading up to the event. For both competitive and recreational runners, preparation is crucial. Injuries can be caused by jogging or sprinting because the body uses so many different parts to keep you pushing. This article will give you tips on how to prepare your body both mentally and physically so you can run at your full potential.

1. Sneakers:

Running Sneakers

Having the right running gear can prevent injuries to the body. A surface like asphalt or concrete can cause pain in your shins, knees and lower back. Wearing shoes made specifically for running can reduce pain in your lower body. One of the most recommended running shoe is the Nike Air VaporMax. Offered for both men and women, this shoe is designed for you to attack the pavement at full speed. This shoe gives the runner a light and bouncy run. The Flyknit structure allows foot flexibility for maximum comfort. This sneaker keeps you one stride in front of your  competition, from the ground up.

2. Clothing:

Light Weight Runner’s Gear

Different clothing is required for different weather conditions, but one thing should remain the same throughout each climate: weight. Your clothing should be light-weight and aerated so that wind resistance doesn’t become an issue. When running in colder climates, compression gear can be utilized because of its comfortable feel and ability to retain body heat. Running conditions are almost never perfect, which is why it is important to check the weather before your race. Checking the weather the day before allows you to prepare your clothing, so you’re not uncomfortable on race day. Runner’s World has a great selection of running apparel, check them out!

3. Training:

Most runners know how important it is to start training for a race in advance. Whether your running a 5K or a Marathon, your body must be ready beforehand. Running long distances without proper training can result in nagging injuries. Achilles Tendinitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s Knee are all common injuries in the running world. How long the race is will determine the amount of training you need to put your body through before hand. About 12 weeks before your race is when a runner should start preparing. Running five days a week with two off days can get your body into the shape it needs to be for race day. Off-days are so your body can recover and heal. It’s important to know your body’s limits, and push them the proper way. An example schedule for preparing for a half-marathon can be found at this link. This schedule can be adjusted to fit any race size by changing the amount of miles ran per day.

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