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Architectural specifications are available for all of our products. If you’re not sure what products you’ll need specified, please tell us what type of project you’re working on and we will direct you to the appropriate specification for your needs.

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How long does an installation usually take?

Including prep time and time for the floor to dry or settle after completion, a typical installation takes about two or three weeks to be finished. This can vary due to the size or specific needs of a project.

How long do Abacus' floors last?

Abacus has products that last for decades when cared for properly. We pride ourselves on technically sound installations that can handle many years of heavy usage. Most of our floors can be resurfaced as well, which is much more cost-effective than replacing an entire floor.

Can these floors be used for something other than sports?

Absolutely. Our floors are multipurpose and can handle tables, chairs, bleachers, and more. The resiliency of our products makes them resistant to marks, dents, and scratches.

Are custom colors and artwork available?

Abacus will create the floor that you want for your facility. All of our flooring options allow for custom logo work and can be colored to match your brand. 

Are Abacus' products environmentally friendly?

Our products are made of recycled tire rubber and water-based polyurethane. We are GreenCircle Certified® and are proud of our contribution to the LEED® Rating System.