Lock Haven University: Student Recreation Center

  • Year Completed: 2012
  • Location: Lock Haven, PA
  • Material: Regupol® Aktiv™ and Robbins Pulastic™
  • Project Type: Weight Room Floor, Gym Floor, and Indoor Track
  • Area: 33,000 sq. ft.

About this Project

Lock Haven University found itself needing a new floor for its Student Recreation Center. Despite its floor being only 15 years old at the time, it had failed and Lock Haven wanted a product that would last longer. That’s where Abacus came in. We offered Regupol’s Aktiv™ and Robbins’ Pulastic® flooring as strong, durable alternatives to Lock Haven’s old floor.

Unfortunately, we ran into a roadblock during our installation. We discovered cracks in the concrete sub-floor and other structural issues that needed to be resolved before full installation. Abacus repaired these damages, and got to work. After the sub-floor was fixed, Abacus had one final hurdle to clear for a complete installation: exercise equipment. Rather than completing the installation in one straight shot, Abacus needed to work in sections of the facility, while moving equipment around the whole time.

Despite the barricades in our way, we finished a beautiful installation in time and inside Lock Haven’s budget. Our crew faced a good deal of adversity during this installation, but their expertise and experience helped them overcome all setbacks. Abacus is extremely proud of this installation and the floors in Lock Haven’s Student Rec Center. Our customer is happy and these floors are still in use seven years later with no sign of wear or failure.

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